04 May 2015

DNA Advanced ~ Andrew Bartzis and Nathalie ~ 29 April 2015

This is a most fascinating discussion between Andrew Bartzis and Nathalie. It's 1:32-hours of crucial information that helps us understand better our own Ascension process, and how important it is for us to focus on it.

I summarised what I could, but realised that it would too much time for me to adequately do it. This discussion is one that you would need to listen to from beginning to end, there's tons of information in it if you are keen to understand DNA from a spiritual point of view, and how it's Spirit Tech at its finest. Although it would help if you are somewhat familiar with Andrew Bartzis' work (because he does make references to some earlier information), don't let it deter you from watching if you haven't.

Please watch the video here.

The following is the summary I started on before I gave up :)
  • DNA is about 80% memory, which is in itself encodings of photonic Light, giving expressions to experiences
  • Consciousness is the invisible part of the DNA encodings, connecting us with Universal Consciousness
  • Full activation of DNA will allow us to become the fully conscious multidimensional Beings that we are meant to be
  • This process is heart-centered, because that's how we first formed in the womb ~ the heart is the first organ
  • Timeline genocides meant to eliminate our DNA technology that enables us to become fully Sovereign and conscious
  • Awareness, awakening, clarity and cleanliness are prerequisites for higher connections

13-minute mark
  • Using the analogy of the DNA transference via Light (laser) experiment ~ laser beam was passed through salamander eggs and then directed onto frog eggs, thereby transfiguring them into salamanders ~ our Sun is directing authentic DNA codes from Beings there, onto us, in attempt to re-imprint and "correct" our tampered codes; this is delivered via solar activities
  • Salutation to Sun yoga practice recommended (Surya Namaskar), as well as looking at Sun with eyes closed to activate pineal gland
  • We can do this to turn off our "lizard gland" medulla oblongata (fight/flight adrenal gland) ~ visualise the Sun's Light energies going to this spot at back of brain (part of brain stem) and switch it off! Light will then permeate through all parts of our body, especially the Heart ~ leading to Pineal and Heart connection
  • Each DNA strand is a layer of knowingness
  • Who you were isn't important, it's Who You Are NOW, the sum-total of all Selves


Window of opportunity between now and Solstice (most amount of Sun) ~ we need to make every attempt to graduate!


700 milllion walk-ins now changing energetic equation of Light on Earth, un-creating the system from the inside

**Note: At 52:43-minute mark (after Nathalie asked a question about the 700m walk-ins and theDNA activations/recodings in their new bodies), the recording was cut. From what I can gather, that section was removed and will be presented in a later session.

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