11 May 2015

Embodiment: How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind Part 1 ~ Sandra Walter ~ 10 May 2015

It's been said that this is the lifetime that we learn to finally "go out of our minds" or, to lose our  minds, so that we can begin to operate from our Heart. Here is fantastic guidance from Sandra Walter on how to do this, without losing it :)  She covers so much ground in this update, addressing several issues/factors and providing timely information for this stage of our processs. Also a heads-up for more energy waves around the corner. What else is is new, right? The good news is that I'd like to remind everyone that once these cycles become so frequent that every moment is a cycle, we would have "made it" :)

Please enjoy this excellent Light Intel from Sandra.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The last wave of May 4-7 blessed us with an X flare. You may have noticed how powerfully intense the SUN is feeling, partly due to our diminishing magnetosphere. The frequencies coming through the SUN have changed dramatically – again. Be sure to balance your Solar charging and gazing activities with grounded sense of the body vehicle. The more you expand and amplify the Solar Heart Center, the easier it will be to balance the energy. Everything comes back to the Heart and the ability to be a conduit for the frequency of Divine Love.  Always.  Love = Light = Divine Intelligence = Universal Rewrite in alignment with Divine Perfection. How blessed we are to experience it so consciously.

We have another amplification May 13-15, and again on the 23rd which feels like another cosmic trigger. While the gateway dates of the past few years have consistently predicted (measurable) Solar and Planetary activity, it is our pure service to welcome, hold, send these frequencies out through the grids of Gaia and the awakened HUman Heart grid. That is a daily practice for Gatekeepers and LightServers; we become conduits for the Christed Light – and that service is taking on a new level this year. Gatekeepers, I know it feels more out of body than in as we walk between worlds. Trust your new skills, let the new service flow.

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