11 May 2015

Everything Is The Light ~ Nikola Tesla: Interview from 1899

I saw this article in The Event Chronicle, and was very heartened by what the late great Nikola Tesla had to say. He was someone whose Spirit they tried to crush, and whose work they tried to erase from the minds of science and academia, but as we can thankfully see today, there is an extremely welcomed insurgence of all-things-Tesla. I've always wondered if he is reincarnated again today, waiting for us to do what we need to do :)

Back to this interview...Everything is Light! This is something so fundamentally profound that should form the basis of our understanding of, well...everything. Said another way, everything is frequency, vibration, a wave-form, Photonic Light.

Please read the transcript here, from Electrical Engineering Portal.


  1. As much as we'd like this to be real, it is not an actual interview with Tesla. Rather, it's a poor translation from a 1995 Serbian play, ‘Tesla or Customization of an Angel’ by Serbian playwright, Stevan Pešić. As inspiration, in his own words, Pešić used Tesla the man himself.

    1. Thank you for the information, Blessings :)