07 May 2015

Everything Is One ~ Nassim Haramein

Some years ago, I watched a presentation on video where Nassim Haramein demonstrated mathematically, using known values of "mainstream" physics, that the mass of the Universe can be contained within the volume of single proton (said another way, the information of the entire Universe is available in each proton). It took me a long time to wrap my brain around that concept, and the only thing that didn't prevent me from doubting Nassim Haramein was that he proved the Entanglement Theory of Unified Consciousness so beautifully.

So now, some years later, you may know that he is one of my favourite guides and I really love his work. I thought I would post something about it, so here are a couple of short clips that elaborate on this remarkable and elegant demonstration of what I call Spiritual Physics.

Here for the video that Nassim provides on his fb page, and here for another that gives more details (it looks like they are both segments from the same presentation).

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