24 May 2015

God Realised: Domain of the Christ ~ 22 May 2015

I encourage everyone to read every word of this much-needed guidance and reminder by Lauren (free version)...

Source: Think With Your Heart

Have you lost your mind? If not, there’s still time!

We just moved into what could potentially be the most exciting, most fulfilling mercury retrograde yet…a time, an opening, an opportunity to GOD realize, according to the Pleiadians.

We are entering a period of heightened mental capability and for those prepared, this means the ability to fully surrender the lower (monkey) mind in order to merge with the higher (divine) mind…a time to remember the basis of divine creatorship as our thoughts become the springboard by which our christed-consciousness reveals itself.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…the seemingly never-ending phase of EMPTYing out all the contents of our former selves continues as we are pushed (on purpose) to the limits of our humanity…to our breaking point and beyond.  To merge with our higher Self we are forced to surrender ALL of ourselves…in complete faith…to complete nothingness…in order to embody our true, authentic nature.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore and the determination involved in these final, yet Herculean contractions of surrender is not for chumps. “Let go and let God” takes on a WHOLE new meaning here.

For those ensouling, the last 3 months amounted to a loss of identity unlike any other to date…a renouncing of our human-made self and life, a giving over of the remains of all of everything in exchange for our absoluteness.

If you are feeling held back, blocked from your bliss, depleted of life force, uninspired, unmotivated, depressed, defeated, abandoned, trapped, ANXIOUS, unfamiliar with yourself, confused about your place in life and the world, disconnected from a sense of purpose, thrashing thru an existential crisis of inconceivable proportion, deflated to the point of dissolving & wanting to go Home…I have good news: It’s very likely that you are in the throes of what the ego perceives as literal death….and on the other side of that ultimate surrender, is GOD realization.

The peaceful calm of presence awaits us all.

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