14 May 2015

Happening Now: Breakthrough Reaches Its Peak 13 May 2015 ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 14 May 2015

This is a follow-up to the previous status update from EM Ibrahim Hassan. It's brief, so I will post it in full. Just for info, yesterday (13 May) saw some serious Solar activity, as shown in the graph below.

Source: The World Of Truth   (The main website is here.)

Things in 10th ,11th of May 2015 were difficult , but now it is going much better and in progress..

Breakthrough reaches its peak..

There are serious attempting to break the veil..

The situation in the ground has reached its peak , it seems that there will be Confrontation and escalation , this is not a cause for fear, but the beginning of the manifestation stage..

It seems that the time of hesitating is over “end” , and there are a Serious Moves..

We will provide you with a report when this operation end..

Namaste' EM



  1. Dear Grace,

    Something has shifted drastically, because I suddenly felt free today for the 1st time in many months. The message was coming to me and several other 'sensitive' people I know, that the struggle is over for the most part. we all feel that it is time to put our focus on 'being' 5th Frequency Beings instead of dredging up old stuff to heal.

    If some emotion or situation comes up in the moment, it can just be felt from the observer space and allowed to clear/pass through and out, but we are all done with spending all our time and energy on fixing what is 'wrong' with ourselves - because in truth - there is nothing wrong with us.

    The 'wrongness' was implanted by those who have controlled us completely since the fall of Atlantis - and it is time to step into the New World right now by focusing on what is right about everything and how we envision our bright future 'being' lived.

    In line with that, there was recently a very interesting message that came through Natalie Glasson. It was a message from the Fairy/nature Spirit Realm that was addressing the very issue I just mentioned above - and a way to work with it in a progressive future enhancing manner.

    You may find it interesting - I certainly resonated with it. It was posted on a site that I only occasionally look at, although I used to read it everyday, but something drew me to it a few days ago and this was what I found: http://omna.co.uk/the-real-earth-by-butterfly-moon/

    The Fairy Kingdom's message is basically the same way that I have been feeling - out with the old and in with the new! And... they give suggestions on simple ways that we can do just that. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Many Blessings...

    1. Dear ShaunieL, thank you for this positive feedback, and for the link to the message. Yes, I read the message a couple of days ago, and I'm very glad to hear that you also sense the "newness" that's making its presence known.

      We are stepping into the New...and claiming it as reality :) Namaste

    2. Dear Grace,

      Not sure exactly what happened yesterday on the 13th when the Breakthrough reached its peak, but after feeling so free yesterday, I woke up with a strange achy pain in my frontal lobes that seemed to be connected to my eyes.

      Instead of taking an aspirin, I had the impulse to just breathe into it and it helped. That would not have worked in the past; I could have huffed and puffed all I wanted and it would have only made the pain worse - eventually forcing me to take some aspirin.

      My ability to manipulate my own reality is returning after being blocked for many years by implants, soul agreements and the like. Something is definitely different. May it continue!

      Many Blessings...

    3. Namaste dear ShaunieL, may it continue indeed! And ACCELERATE too! :)
      Much Love