24 May 2015

Healing Ourselves, As "Designated Ascendees" ~ Part 1


This post has been brewing for some time now, but I've never gotten round to set aside the time to put my thoughts down in cyber ink. Nova Biscotti's message (posted here) yesterday was the much-needed prod in the ribs to finally get this done and free up the blocked energy that was waiting to flow again.

In the early days of Crimson Circle, I followed the monthly guidance and teachings of Tobias. I would be mulling over a question, and during the following Shoud (channel), Tobias would answer my silent query. I never missed a single Shoud, right up until the last one where Tobias left for good, to reincarnate as a walk-in/braided Soul (my last and lasting question is...WHY??...).

One of the first things I learnt is that during this lifetime of active Ascension, I am/you are the "designated Ascendee". What this means is that in this current incarnation of ours, this aspect or expression of our Soul in this Lifetime, we are going through this Ascension process on behalf of ALL our previous Selves in past lives. We are the salvation of our own "stranded" past Selves, we are the ones who are Ascending on behalf of all our past Selves, thereby allowing ALL aspects of our previous incarnations to literally set things right and return to our Divine Blueprint. Of course, over the years I came across more information that deals in-depth with this "rescuing ourselves" process, but let me just stick to this for now.

Using this "designated ascendee" status, there are two issues I'd like to bring up.

Inner Pain
We are carrying the inner pain of not just this lifetime, but of all our unhealed lifetimes. Think about it for a moment. Not just this lifetime, but all our previous lifetimes. Original "separation" from Source, when Lemuria went under, when Atlantis was destroyed, being burnt at the stake, being tortured or murdered for speaking our truth, for being healers, for being spiritual, all the never-ending wars...and on and on. And then we have this lifetime...dysfunctional families, scarred  childhoods, waking up to hard truths... you get the idea.

Is it any wonder then that we are hurting beyond description from all that accumulated miasmic trauma? This deep-rooted pain, which we carry in our very cells/DNA, is something we have tasked ourselves to release in this lifetime. Not easy, but do it we must. Oftentimes we need several cycles or sessions of healing and releasing to completely clear the miasm, so one round is usually insufficient.

Add to that energies of the past three years, which are all about releasing, letting go, repeat...until the last vestiges of pain in whatever form are gone, forever. Being squeaky clean allows us to connect more authentically with our own Divinity, via the Heart Centre. That is why several very good and authentic Ascension guides urge us to go inwards, heal and let go, let go, let go...so vital in the ultimate healing process. Holding on to the pain, whether consciously or sub-consciously, can only hinder our forward progress at best, or misguide us at worst.

This inner pain, if left unhealed and unreleased, will unleash itself in various disguises, masquerading as arrogance, righteousness, unworthiness, martyr-complex, anger/rage, blame...etc. All these are simply various expressions of inner pain, unchecked or unacknowledged. And as we can see when we look around our own Lightworker community, there's plenty of all that flying around in a crazy frenzy.

This year of 2015, the inner pain in all of us is being brought forth and presented right in front of our own faces, for us to take action. And we need to get it right ~ each time we are presented with the surfacing of our own inner pain, how we respond is critical to our own growth. Do we lash out, or do we feel the pain, acknowledge it, and release it? If we are serious about our own spiritual growth, then we will respond from a place of  higher consciousness, thereby enabling us to take another step forward. If we respond with limited conscousness, then in limited consciousness we will stay, until the next time this pain presents itself again. And with these dead-serious energies, the time-lapse between presentations get shorter.

Best to get dead-serious ourselves and do our inner work, especially if we are supposed to be the ones to assist others "when the time comes".

To be continued in Part 2...


  1. Wow. Powerful stuff, Grace! It just brings even more significance to the phrase that I keep coming back to, time and time again over the last few years: "We are the ones we've been waiting for!"

    While I've been urged so many times to "go within" (and I've done quite a bit of that lately), one of the major "shifts" I've experienced lately has been to balance all this inward searching and seeking with an equal amount of "going without". That is, I've been recognizing more and more that the OUTER world is as much a part of us as the inner one is. When I meditate lately, I've been thinking of "myself" as pure energy and not so much a physical body. I've been releasing any attachments to my physicality and allow my energy to float outward, joining and becoming one with everything that surrounds me. I guess the best way to envision that is to imagine yourself as a cloud or a plume of smoke that slowly dissipates into the atmosphere around you--while at the same time allowing IT to dissipate in to you.

    Every time I do this, I feel as if I'm integrating, releasing, opening, and EXPANDING myself. In many ways lately, I've felt that focusing solely within is an exercise in separateness and contraction. This seems to be the exact opposite of what I'm being guided to do at this particular time.

    I really feel that it's important for us to begin EXPANDING ourselves, connecting ourselves more to one another (that is recognizing ourselves as ONE BEING) and combining our power in an effort to ALLOW positive change to occur...all with patience and confidence, just as it's supposed to happen.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Just a thought!

    With Love,


    1. Wow...powerful stuff, Stargazer! Thank you for this contribution :)

      Makes PERFECT sense to me. This expansion is also something that I've experienced during meditations sometimes (I've "seen" myself as being larger than the Planet) so I do understand what you've said. Having said that, I do feel very strongly that the inner journey must be trekked first in order for a balanced outer expansion. Just my opinion :)

      Thanks again, Stargazer...your energetic signature is much appreciated <3

      Namaste, Grace

  2. Excellent point, Grace! I agree completely. The inner work definitely needs to be done, but once done, perhaps expansion is a good "next step". After all, maybe perfect balance is just like breathing--first one draws in to him/herself, then one expands/radiates out. In, out. In out. One perfect, flowing cycle after another.

    Eventually, perhaps, we'll be able to do it all unconsciously--and that's when all will be connected and in perfect resonance.

    In any case, I've no doubt that our best response and practice is to simply do that which we feel guided to do. I don't think we can EVER go wrong doing that!

    With Love,


    1. Ahhh...beautifully said, Stargazer, I like your analogy :) (and this time I'm re-reading my response hahah...)

      "...feel guided to do..." At the end of the day, I believe that it's our own guidance that will make the biggest impact on how we navigate our path. Thank you for your wisdom :)

      Namaste <3 <3 <3