29 May 2015

Healing Ourselves, As "Designated Ascendees" ~ Part 2

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Part 1 is here.

There is so much guidance available "out there" for healing and transmuting inner pain, we can always find one that is the most appropriate for us. This post is not meant to explore the various methods; however, I will talk about what I consider to be the fundamental broad-strokes in this healing process, and be as brief as possible. We already know about all of this, I just wish to highlight the main points because sometimes, "knowing" is not the same as "being".

Before getting to that, I will bring up something that perhaps could address several related issues, from my perspective.

Bearing in mind that we are the "Designated Ascendee" as defined by Tobias from Crimson Circle, our mission in this lifetime is uniquely different from any other lifetimes we may have had. Obviously, so much rests on us to do what we are meant to do, having to heal not just this life, but ALL past expressions or aspects as well. A seemingly insurmountable task, to be sure...but we are doing it! This is one reason why we are going through so many never-ending cycles of clearing, healing, releasing all those past traumas, wounds, scars.

The Divine Feminine Principle
The way I see it, this is the single most important factor in our healing process. By allowing ourselves to embody the Divine Feminine Principle (in whatever manner that best suits us), we are opening up to very potent healing energies. One of the ways we can do that is to connect with the Divine Feminine energies of Mother Gaia ~ as she is being healed in her own process,  we are also being healed together, if we allow it. The embodiment of the Divine Feminine will open the pathway to deep healing.

Some of us may believe we already are expressing this aspect of the Divine Feminine, but there is one observation I would like to make. Unless we are sure, we may be expressing the distorted feminine principle, the traumatised or unhealed aspect. The feminine energies have been intentionally perverted over many years, so unless we are opening up to the Sacred Divine Feminine, we may inadvertently be misled into believing we are expressing authentic principles. My personal suggestion is to connect with the highest expression of this Sacred Divine energy so that we don't become imbalanced.

The Divine Feminine principle liberates the many inauthentic structures we've had (or been forced) build around ourselves. It frees us to be Divine Love.

The Divine Masculine Principle
It's not possible for me to mention only the Divine Feminine without also mentioning the Divine Masculine. Again, without going into details, we've been surviving in a very wounded and corrupted Masculine overlay for far too long; this also requires healing. I may be wrong, but I believe that this healing will take place once we embrace the Divine Feminine.

Living From the Heart
Simply put, if we continue to live from the mind only, we will set ourselves up for limitations. This is why I've stressed the importance of embracing the Divine Feminine. Once we do this, being Heart-Centered becomes a natural progression. It is only from this state of consciousness that we can detect our inner pain, and be aware of all the unhealed traumas from previous lives. If we don't even acknowledge the presence of inner pain, the healing process cannot begin.

The "F" Word
Forgiveness. This word is truly a dirty word for many. We (our minds) are conditioned with the concept of punishment/justice, which at the moment is a truly limited and limiting belief structure that prevents spiritual growth. This is what Richard Rudd (Gene Keys) has to say about Forgiveness:

"Forgiveness is a Universal Panacea. It is the thunderbolt that is released when a being attains Christ Consciousness. Forgiveness allows the Truth behind all form to be seen."
And also this:
Taken from "Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden In Your DNA

Forgiveness is so powerful ~ it can literally erase lifetimes of karma or trauma. Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, forgiving our past Selves. And also allowing others to forgive us. My final word on this ~ we will never be able to understand the power and profundity of Forgiveness unless we first embrace the Divine Feminine.

My apologies if it feels like I'm rushing this post...I am :)  Also I'm trying to keep this short and simple because we are generally pressed for time which is steadily and exponentially speeding up (or compressing) so less for me to write means less for you to read :)  Besides, you already know all of this, I'm just reminding you...  :)



  1. Beautifully said, Grace!

    But there's no need to apologize and no need to rush! We've got all the time in the Universe to get this right. We just have to ease ourselves into the flow and know that everything is moving along perfectly. Just the right awareness, just the right feeling, and just the right action--all the right things occurring at EXACTLY the right time.

    It's all good...


    With Love,


    1. Ahhh...the soothing balm to my furrowed brow...

      Thank you for that, Stargazer...with much Love,