19 May 2015

How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind: Part II ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 May 2015

You can read Part I directly on Sandra's site here. The text in the image is given in the message below.

And yet another another another cosmic trigger around the corner....but hey...we know that these cycles are getting shorter and shorter, yes? A very good thing indeed because it means that we're getting closer and closer...Please read this brilliant guidance from Sandra.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I AM the photonic interface,
the metamorphosis of OverSoul,
and the Coherent Light Stargate.
And so are you.

This linear week marks my three-year anniversary in Mount Shasta. It has been a brilliant, challenging and revealing relationship, and I AM deeply honored to serve this Gateway (again). I will be up on the mountain on May 21 for Gateway  preparations, feel free to connect with me on the higher planes as we open up for the May 23rd cosmic trigger. I AM sure many of you integrated the amplifications of last week’s influx. It was a step to get us ready for next weekend, so let us all remain centered and focused on the higher levels of peace. The Lyrans (pronounced like Lion with an R, the feline folks) have presented to assist with this cosmic trigger. You may remember your connections to Lyra and their high-level gatekeeper skills during this passage. They are adept at utilizing parallel realities, and I feel this will provide clarity, and perhaps comfort, as we walk in between worlds.

The Experience of the Pure Presence
Embodying your True Self allows you to witness the transition and flexible nature of the reality around us. Many will be experiencing the AHA moments as the messages of the last decade leave the context of theory/precognitive intel and enter your waking, palpable consciousness. 3D has been absent for years, and now the higher-vibe collective perception is catching up. The energies coming onto the planet support that realization, and now we are getting a sense of how fabricated the external reality is. Out of theory, into the grounded collective experience. The lag between 4D and 5D is breaking down as well, which is why so many are feeling out-of-body, out-of-world. Breathe, we are all in this gorgeous merge experience together.
The collective construction of the illusion, which continues to run on autopilot as a co-created choice, broke apart due to the embodiment of higher frequencies by those on the Ascension track. The more consciousness experiencing profound levels of light and the cosmic unified state of beingness – and able to maintain/integrate it – the faster the raising of the collective unfolds, by the default of physics. Higher Vibration sustained = automatic raising of collective realities. Between the bands of pure photonic light we are crossing as a solar system, the ability of the Ascension tribe to embody higher states of consciousness, and the merging of consciousness in the lower 12 dimensions, we have a perfect storm of Ascension this year.

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