04 May 2015

Huge Portals Opening, Energy Wave Incoming, Major Activations, Releasing ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 4 May 2015

Okay, the title is mine, but it's the gist of this energy alert from Lisa Transcendence Brown. I don't know if these energies are related to the Weekly Liberation Meditation in any way, but the past 24 hours have been, well...high-energy-ish, especially in the last 12 hours or so. I wanted to say "intense" but didn't because it seems like every other day is now...intense. The gaps between energy cycles are getting increasingly shorter, with each cycle having their own energy signature (and "purpose", I guess). The next time they plan a mass Ascension process (because we are the prototype) for another Planet and its inhabitants, they should factor in global hibernation or stasis or something...

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Huge portals opened last night along with the release/activation of MAJOR codes within our BEing and templates. Corridors opened, pathways opened as old structures quickly emerge for collapse. Codes that have been waiting to activate so that we can move into the NEXT PHASE....

All will be presented with that which they "fear" as an old program. Your belief in it, your participation in it, your avoiding it, keep recreating it in your world. The thing that represents the biggest fear within you is the thing you must step into in order to dissolve the old reality of what you believed would occur. AS you STEP into it, CREATE A DIFFERENT REALITY INSIDE. See all occurring differently, one that FREES you and releases the old dimensional bonds. You/we all have the ability to just STEP OUT OF those old programs, old limiting dimensions, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE RELEASED FROM WITHIN.

There is a gridwork inside your physical body that holds those realities in place. You collapse the gridwork when you RELEASE. This is what your body/mind/emotions do when you "lock the gridwork down" by holding on, by shutting down, by hanging on.

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