15 May 2015

"L1ZOO" and "PPN" Cobra/RM Codes

Please don't read anything into what I'm posting :)  I'm just highlighting the sequence of these two sets of codes that have been reported on Cobra's blog, and let's remember that they are not meant for the general public. But...they seem to indicate positive development...

L1ZOO Detected ~ 8 May 2015
L1ZOO Clearing In Progress ~ 8 May 2015
L1ZOO Clear ~ 14 May 2014
SR Symmetry Point Reached ~ 11 May 2015

PPN Security Breach At 504 ~ 11 May 2015
PPN Red Alert At 504 ~ 12 May 2015
PPN/Isidic Security Breach Deflected ~ 14 May 2015             Source: The Portal
As for the physical aspect ~ very tired, foggy, zoned out, but cleared up (!) about 30 minutes ago.


  1. Dear Grace,

    Just left you a reply under the Breakthrough article by Ibrahim Hassan. I had similar physical symptoms this morning, along with a dull headache in my frontal lobes that has given way to a gentle warmth as I write this.

    Something is definitely different... Blessings...

  2. Dear Grace,

    This was a comment posted under the L1ZOO Clearing In Progress:

    Cytherean RayneMay 10, 2015 at 2:52 AM

    "L1ZOO is a codename for a [technology] that makes humans trigger terrible emotional projections... Guiding them away from their energy into a zoolike state like a party not healing or centering... This is my instinct and psychic input on what is clearing energetically.

    I think its a technology triggering insane behavior but that behavior may still need to surface to release finally n EXHALE its gone :) yay go go team cobra. This is a technology crippling humanity in endless cycles of dysfunction for no cause yes??"

    Seems I may be feeling the Breakthrough. Blessings to Cobra and company - and any other forces that are contributing to our Ascension process - including us.

    Victory of the Light is here!

    1. Namaste dear ShaunieL, I know you will definitely agree with me when I say "Enough already!!" Time for us to once again live our True Lives!! :)