16 May 2015

Mercury Retrograde Is Re-Wiring Our Minds ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 15 May 2015

Source: Meg Benedicte

Doesn’t it seem like we’re just getting over the last Mercury Retrograde? Well, believe it or not, it’s that time again! And this time Mercury will turn Retrograde in Gemini within 24 hours of the Taurus New Moon with a Yod to Pluto on May 18th. This is a rare combination to say the least! Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a time to dive deep within, review and rewire…now aided with underworld Pluto and Taurus New Moon inspires all us to evolve anew.

The recent Eclipse-Equinox upgrades still ripple through our energy field, transforming us from the inside out. We are all being propelled higher into the next level of our transfiguration.  Just be careful during the next month to stay grounded with all the airy Gemini influence, as Retro Mercury joins Mars in an exact square to Neptune. This will be a tricky wicket to navigate. We will need to slow down, pay attention, communicate clearly and discern facts over opinions.

In addition to the Mercury brain fog and crossed-wires, there also has been some global interference in a scalar ‘scrambler’ morphic field that has been targeting the mental body in the 4D astral plane. I’ve been dealing with this for about a month now as heightened mental scatter and overwhelm when I try to use the ‘thinking mind’.  It is becoming painful to mentally focus into ‘thinking’ and feels like my brain will explode.   Just another sign of the 3D Time Matrix collapsing!

During the Ascension process, we need to develop our right brain capacity to ‘know’ the truth from the quantum field of all existence.  This requires a new focus within to our Higher Self, outside the constraints of 4D time and space. In a last ditched effort, the dark forces are intercepting certain frequency bands in 4th density to dampen our thoughts and emotions. The scalar waves are sending certain sound frequencies that destroy optimism and joy!  They scatter and scramble our lower mind’s ability to function properly.

In order to survive the global transition into 5th Dimensional New Earth, we need to remove our minds from the 3D Time Matrix and transform our cognitive processing to link up with our Higher Self. In a very real way, we are rewiring our minds to function and flourish as higher dimensional circuit boards. Point your focus within to your heart-brain and attune to your ‘feeling field’.  We are becoming human radio antennas to higher intelligence and knowing.  During Mercury’s reverse journey till June 11th, make it a priority to reset your focus and feel your heart’s truth in all that you do.

Lovingly, Meg

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