11 May 2015

Messages From Our Guides ~ Wendy Kennedy

I love this little story from Wendy Kennedy...we all have our own "ways" of receiving Divine guidance, we just need to recognise, acknowledge and act upon it. This is what I like to tell my daughter: A whisper in the ear can turn into a louder "Ahem", which can then turn into a nudge if ignored, then a poke in the ribs, progressing to a knock on the head if still no attention is being paid. Just don't wait until the brick wall comes crashing down!

Source: Higher Frequencies

I can be a very focused person when I really want to accomplish something. This quality can quickly turn into stubbornness when I become so focused on an idea or way of achieving a result, that my ego’s drive to “succeed” no longer allows me to be open to things that may serve me better. When I get into this space my guides often get creative to get my attention.

For the last six months my guides have been working to help me create more balance in my life through a more consistent practice of meditation and other activities.  Like most of us, when I get busy those practices are the first to go, when truly they are the ones I need to do the most.

I’ve been very focused on getting everything prepared for the upcoming event, Activation and Integration of Galactic Light Codes. So this morning I was putting the final touches on things and preparing a newsletter when my internet connection went out.  My router, which I had just had replace the day before, stopped working. So I called the cable company and spoke with a technician who had me set my router back to the factory default settings. He had me look at the available wifi networks on my computer, but the string of numbers and letters he read off to me, which supposedly represented my routers name, weren’t listed. As he’d reached the extent of his ability to support me, he transferred me to a Level 2 technician.

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