16 May 2015

Mind-Blowing Story of Russian Cosmonauts Who Saw Angels In Space ~ Mission Galactic Freedom ~ 14 May 2015

Thank you to Colleen from PAO who featured this in her newsletter today <3

What the title omitted was the word "GIANT"....I didn't know about this incident until now. I don't believe I'm wrong to say that these Beings may be the ones that Cobra identified as the ancient race called the Central Civilisation, or Wingmakers; from Corey GoodETxSG, Sphere Beings. Or even like the Beings in "Knowing", as the image used suggests?...At any rate, we are seeing many videos on Youtube showing massive, super-sized ships near the vicinity of the Sun....

Source: Mission Galactic Freedom

Fatigue and the stress of just being in space for extended periods of time sound like reasons as to why one would hallucinate, but did the Russian cosmonauts aboard the Salyut 7 really see angels? Continue reading to see more of this mind-blowing story.

Longterm stress could certainly explain what had happened to the first crew members, however; it was only a short while after the arrival of the second crew that the angels revealed themselves again. How could the second crew be suffering from the stress of long term space travel as they had just arrived. No viable explanation has been offered as to why the second sighting occurred.

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