09 May 2015

Personal Truths Surfacing

Thomas Kinkade
I'm not sure if this has any bearing or relevance to anyone or anything...I'm just putting down my thoughts here in case you've had similar experiences, opinions or perceptions. I wanted to initially title this post with the word "Disclosure" in it, but I decided against it because I didn't want to unintentionally mislead readers, so the one above will suffice :)

This past week, we've had the most powerful X-flare for this year yet, with the prediction of even more intense ones coming up, following what seemed like a daily mini-cycle of energy shifts for the entire month of April (and let's not forget the Nepal-Chile axis Earth shifts). Let's face it...it's getting really serious.

Just yesterday, in a huge "A-ha" moment, I realised that I was experiencing an apocalypse in my personal life (please remember, that word actually means an unveiling or relevation, a disclosure or uncovering of knowledge). It was a series of events that were unrelated ~ or so I thought ~ hence I obviously didn't see any common thread running through them. Until yesterday.

Here's what's been happening throughout the past week in my personal life, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the same is true for you, too.

Most of us are the very painful proverbial thumb sticking out in the midst of family and friends all of our lives, for as long as we care to remember. I inadvertently ended up being an unwilling reservoir of hidden truths about family members and friends, as well as the hidden truths of our true origins and all its related sub-branches of even more hidden truths of this matrix. I've watched, throughout all the years, people in my life hide, suppress, manipulate or deny certain truths. I wasn't in a position to successfully do anything about it, even though I was the other "party" in many of the interactions. This is due mainly to them not being able to accept the truth, or even acknowledge the remote possibility of the existence of such a truth. It's not that I didn't try ~ my attempts just led to intensified rejections of what I pointed out.

This past week, something incredulous happened. Opportunities to bring up the truths presented themselves in very synchronistic ways that supported what I was obviously meant to do. And so I did ~ with very little effort, I stated the truth of the situation. Almost daily, events would turn out in such elegant ways that allowed me to bring up and state the truth, and in each situation, what I had to say was basically well-received. It was as if they were finally ready to face the truth.

Yesterday was when I noticed (finally hahah!) what was going on. In yesterday's experience, one thing led to another and I had the opportunity to reveal a deception that had been on-going for years. It felt good to me that after such a long time, I was able to correct that deception, at long last. That was when I became aware of the apocalyptic pattern of the past week.

I'm wondering if this is some indication, on a micro-level, of what will be happening on the macro-level. Whether our own personal disclosures (with a small 'd') will set the stage, morphogenetically-speaking, for Dislosure to unfold in the "outer".

We realise that it's gone very quiet "out there", and Cobra has even acknowledged that, explaining that we are in a delicate and sensitive phase right now. In line with this, Corey from GoodETxSG recently sent out some information saying that intel is being withheld temporarily. It's my no-brainer guess that activity behind the scenes must be reaching a critical point. What is this all leading to?...

Just me, wondering out loud :)  

Meanwhile, here's the mantra...raise our vibrations, do our inner work and....



  1. It's been a weird few weeks. I haven't felt much of a motivation to write at all lately...I've felt much more drawn "inward". For me, it's been much more a process of "being", appreciating the "Now", and consciously radiating whatever positive vibes I can to those around me (Peace, Harmony, Love, etc.). I'm encouraged by interesting developments every day that finally seem to be popping up, even on lamestream news lately--growing intolerance for GMOs, failed false flag attacks, surprising comments by government/scientific/religious "authorities", and the apparent unraveling of our illusory control systems.

    Gaia seems to be responding as well, with highly unusual weather patterns and events, earth shifts and earthquakes, unusual volcanic activity, and unusual animal die-offs. While many of these circumstances may be viewed as "negative", I see them more as growing (or perhaps even "birthing" pains). The New Earth is being born at this moment, and we are all here to participate in the process.

    Personally, I can't think of a more exciting and wonderful time to be alive! I haven't been able to put it into words until just this moment as I think about it, but I've been feeling a lot like a flower must feel--one that's stretching, growing, and unfolding its petals in the morning sun! Every day I'm pleased to see tiny bits of progress in our world and I'm simply amazed at the opportunities that seem to be unfolding right along with us and our "petals".

    Each of us is just a single flower in the landscape, but as each of us unfolds, others are encouraged to do the same. Before we know it, the whole hillside, then the whole countryside, then the entire world will be aglow in the beauty of our reflecting light and color!

    Disclosure, RV, Ascension, whatever. I say BRING IT ON. Gaia is waiting for us and I'm 100% with her. Ready, set, GO!!!

    With very much Love,


    1. You probably know this already, Stargazer, but I'll just repeat to demonstrate the relevance of what you wrote. And I paraphrase (cannot recall where I read it or who said it) ~ this process, in order to come to a succussful conclusion, requires each Soul's "input". That is, each of us contributes to the whole, each of us is a piece of the giant puzzle. As you said, each one is a single flower in the landscape :) Beautiful!

      Thank you, Stargazer <3

      Namaste, Grace

    2. I think the word "imprint" instead of "input" (what I wrote) is more correct ;)

  2. Dearest Grace,

    Thank you so much for your delightful blog and for for sharing. It reminds me that Cobra had stated that when the implants and other plasma plane goo cleared up enough, it would begin to allow people to 'wake up' to the truth of what is really happening on this planet.

    Ibrahim Hassan talked about how the Cosmos is ready, but humanity was not ready for the final stage of awakening set in motion by the Blue Pulse. What it feels like to me, is that humanity is more ready than those observing realize, but are being held back by the implants and other 'whatevers' the Cabal/Chimera Groups have put in the way of our conscious awareness.

    The reason I say this is because we all know on a collective level what is really going on and we all know subconsciously and super consciously. My feeling is that once the Cabal's malicious hindrances are neutralized, it will be much easier for people to wake up quickly than the Higher Beings predict is possible - because we all ready know it subconsciously or super consciously - on all levels of our being.

    In the past, I have often read messages where they stated that we are progressing much more rapidly than expected in the face of the enormous resistance to the Ascension process being mounted by those who cling to their dying power and control.

    When the etheric levels are cleared, I feel if will be as if everyone - even light workers - will wake up as if from a trance, look around and not only be open to the truth, but actively either begin to know it instinctively or be driven to seek out the real truth of our intensely limited existence.

    Humanity can handle more than they are given credit for by those who are involved in both their enslavement and their liberation. This message is being written by a higher dimensional being who has lived within the human condition for over half a century. Humans are hardier than anyone outside this planet or in the elite controlling ranks even realizes. And... if that were not true, the cabal would have succeeded in far greater ways than they have been able to manage up to this point in time.

    We are on our way and that is all I have to say.

    Blessings To All...

    1. Thank you, ShaunieL :) You made a valid point about even Lightworkers having an(other) awakening when all blocks in all manner, shape and form, have been removed. We ARE on our way, I totally agree! I also feel that the accelerated pace of our progress is very much aided by our collective momentum, where each of us provides the added "push". Of course, we are very much assisted by other forces/parties, but we are also growing rapidly in our own Ascension momentum as we individually advance in our own path.

      Thanks again for your thoughts, they are much appreciated!