11 May 2015

Peter Konstantinov Deunov ~ The 1944 Prophecy (Re-post) ~ Sixth Root Race

Of late, I've been seeing many sites making references to the above prophecy. A couple of dear Souls also sent me this prophecy just recently so I felt guided to pull it out again. I had first posted it in 2012, and I guess it's time to take another look at it.

So if you haven't yet read it, take a look at it here. I've written a very short summary and included a couple of links; I'd also like to throw in a couple of additional points to add to the summary.

The Sixth Root Race is mentioned, which is currently being birthed, i.e. US! There have been many names that have been used to name this new Root Race, and I have no idea if there is an "official" one, but a couple that I really like are Homo Lumens (or Luminous) and Homo Spiritus. But the one I like best is Divine Humans :)

Please read more about the prophecy on this post.

You can also read more about this new Root Race via the following posts on this blog:

For an "entertaining" (but really quite serious) look at this Ascension process, you can read about "Transfigurations" from Star Trek: The Next Generation, if you are interested.

**Update: I forgot to add the 5 previous root races:

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