16 May 2015

Planetary Liberation Meditation

Sienna Sunrise ~ Dharmajon

** This will be sticky until the following day **
(Personal note: For some strange reason I went into a time-warp and did the meditation on Saturday so I "un-stuck" this. I've only just realised there meditation is today, so this is "sticky" again until tomorrow... Very strange...)

I had input the necessary data into a free countdown timer for tomorrow's (Sunday) meditation, and saw the clock displaying 1:11:11:11  (days:hours:minutes:seconds)! I actually posted it on my blog, but then decided against it because the watermark was just too conspicuous, and it didn't feel right.

So I gave up, and here I am to remind all, manually :)

I don't think I need to point out the obvious, something that we have been noticing, and most importantly, feeling in our energy fields. What's going down/up behind-the-scenes must be extremely serious. And the high tones/ringing have become so much louder that I've started to notice them again (I had become accustomed, and therefore "immune" to them over the years). It feels like "Life" is on tenterhooks...

Which is why we need to focus on pulling the New into the Now.

Please join this meditation and add your beautiful Light to this global effort. I'm going to "encourage" you with the following suggestions, if you feel reluctant because of the time, or the guided steps that go with it. I hope I don't offend anyone or make a mess of anything, but I feel that it's better to join in some way rather than not at all.

  • Meditate at a time that suits you. If possible, do it as close as possible to this set time. Set and state the intention (you can do this silently or aloud) that you are adding your energies to the global group at the precise time they are doing this.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with the instructions for the meditation, then just meditate in your usual manner. As long as you do it and add in your energies.
  • Proclaim or declare your intention to magnify your effort. For example, you could say, "As a Divine and Sovereign Creator Being, I now intensify my meditation for the highest good." Or whatever it is you feel guided to do.

Please allow yourself to be guided by your own Divinity.

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