22 May 2015

Quantum Spiritual Awakening ~ Sherri Lane


** Text: There is a vast spiritual awakening in progress in our world. Quietly and soulfully, many are returning to the truth of who they are, seeing the futility of the world's ego ways. If you surrender to this call from within, it may lead to a deep questioning of "the way we do things". There will surely be moments of loneliness, where you feel that you no longer belong, as the world tries to pull you back into its worn out paradigms; but if you stay in peace and follow the call, your soul will begin to see truth in a deeper way: the remembrance of perfection, your own, and that of others. This truth is the only freedom there really is, and its power is beyond anything the world can offer. It is your power. It can move mountains. It can heal you; it can heal the world.   ~Sherri Lane~  **

Thank you to Phoenix Is Risen, where I first saw this.

Sherri Lane's website is here.

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