02 May 2015

Reality Check Time ~ Denise LeFay ~ 1 May 2015

Although this update from Denise appears under her "Ascension Symptoms" label, I need to point out that it also contains relevant confirmation about "where" we're heading in the Ascension process, collectively and generally. And that is...progressively ONWARDS, yay!!  She validates this through her own (very brief but most insightful) encounter with the Dark, which I found most interesting.

Going back to the Ascension symptoms ~ I'd like to chime in a bit, and hope that I can at least provide some beneficial information to what's occurring as well, from my own perspective.

Denise points out that skin issues are running amok. Okay, those are my words, but she does deal with them quite a bit. This is one of three things that I've been having to live with in the past months. I've described the sensation as having grains of sand under the skin, not comfortable at all. It also feels like these grains of sand are "electric"...and they "spark off" for periods of time throughout the day. I guess you could say it's like being electrocuted in minute amounts? Naturally, this intensifies during solar activity.

As with most of these symptoms, they are DNA related. I will go out on a limb and say that it's also to do with the crystallisation process as our physical bodies transmute from carbon-based to crystalline in order to hold more Light/Photonic energies. After all, grains of sand are silica, which are in turn quartz (crystalline) in nature.

As for the itching, which I certainly agree with Denise that they can be so unbearable, I suggest a concoction of hemp (or other "heavy" oils) oil/cream, some coconut oil and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. This works very well for me but please explore to see what works for you.

And the sleep thing ~ I don't know if this helps anyone, but sleep for me has become a strange affair. It almost feels very odd to "sleep" (and that's when the "mini-electrocution" gets stronger) and yet during the day, all I want to do sometimes is to sleep. Very disconcerting.

One last thing...although knowing about these symptoms is a huge relief for our health and sanity concerns, I suggest that we don't over-dwell on them or allow them to distract us from our actual inner work, from which we must never waiver :)

Please read Denise's update at High Heart Life.

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