16 May 2015

Starseed Ascension Symptoms: Why Am I Here? What is My purpose Now? ~ Shekina Rose/Blue Ray ~ 12 May 2015

My Secret Garden ~ Erial Ali
This subject has been covered before fairly extensively here and on other sites; I normally refrain from posting something like this so as not to waste your time, but for some strange reason I feel guided to post this. Perhaps it's the activation codes?

Source: Spirit Library

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

Beloved Blue Ray, Angelic Human, Light Bearer, Way Shower and Gatekeeper YOU,

This year the culmination of recent shifts of cosmic and stellar events has created energetic upgrades from the higher dimensions which have put you in a new dimensional frequency. This spiritual light coming from the higher planes contains codes of your soul infusion presence, higher will, liberation, and that one part of the mission is accomplished. 333

These new energetics can hit you suddenly from a greater sense of the disconnecting of the 3D life that has created more endings and beginnings. Those interpretations of the old matrix of how things should be and how they need to show up in your life are being interceded by your true soul’s destiny without attachments and dogma from the past. The higher dimensional light portals are creating a breakthrough soul purpose initiation which enables release of old belief systems and healing of deep, ancient wounds in the power of Supreme Divine Love. 33

As a Blue Ray, New Forerunner, Starseed, Light Bearer, your sense of belonging can come from the frequency resonances of home that you continue to align with in your soul’s purpose. As the landscape keeps shifting and old contracts ending, you may find your purpose is changing, shifting and evolving. You may find yourself saying, “What is my purpose and where is my place on the Earth now?” 444 

Why do the Starseeds, Light Bearers not feel at home on the planet?

There was a time on Gaia when there was a greater harmonic resonance field within the source of Light that extended to the other planets, through the central sun and human template. In this harmonic resonance field was a collective unity consciousness that you could experience with the earth, trees, rocks, animals, devas, nature kingdoms, other realms, planets, stars, sun and Cosmos. As you can see from ancient architecture, the sacred sites were designed with this alignment to the stars, planets and within the harmonic resonances energy field of Gaia. Your bodily energy fields were more attuned with the harmonic resonances of Creation in alignment to Source, and many of you have ancient memories of such, as in the times of Lemuria, golden periods of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and with indigenous cultures. 11:11

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