08 May 2015

The Blue Pulse ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare ~ 7 May 2015

**Update 14 May 2015: A transcript is now available for those who are interestied,

There are four videos in this series; this link is for the first, and you can watch the rest as a playlist. Some highlights below:

PART 1: Spiritual Meaning of Blue Pulse and Current Situation of Inner and Outer Realms
  • Defining "Blue" as a "fingerprint" of creation made manifest, from the origins of Creation from inner realm to outer as well from within us to without
  • Astral and etheric realms cleansing "almost complete"
  • Remnants of Chimera energies being mirrored as "unconscious awakening" in surface population, because the etheric is tied to the physical (as Cobra has informed us, the "Veil" ie. global plasma scalar network of mind control is guarded by the Chimera); in other words, the Chimera is "controlling" the consciousness of Humans
  • If this Blue Pulse (The Event) is triggered now it would result in difficult transition because this manifests whatever is within us; hence an unstable population would result in producing chaos
  • Situation now is that Inner Realms has reached the state where they cannot delay The Event any longer, yet Humanity is not ready spiritually for it
  • Why is the Cabal able to control us? Because we have yet to own our True Essence, we have yet to be fully present in our wholeness, instead of living in (and accepting) limited consciousness as just a physical aspect
  • Many plans now underway to accelerate awakening, there is possibility that we may require a huge nudge in order to provide the catalyst for Humanity to release old programming and therefore clear the way for The Event to take place
  • How much do we want the Blue Pulse to occur? We cannot just pay lip service; if we truly want this with all our being, then all our words, deeeds, actions and belief must reflect the spiritual context of this.

PART 2: The Influence of the Blue Pulse on the People of Earth at Time of The Event
  • The Divine is waiting for us, it's not us waiting for The Divine
  • At the time of Blue Pulse, whatever is in our spiritual account (accumulated over the lifetimes) will manifest outwards, ie. if we have positive spiritual account, then we will manifest more of our True Essence
  • We will be re-connected with Source via our Heart Chakra and the pathway for onward Asension will be very expeditious for those who are ready; we will go through whatever stages we need to go through to get "there"
  • Mind control has forced us to see ourselves in a way that they want us to believe is "us"; post-The Event we will see ourselves for Who We Truly Are, in expanded consciousness, as multidimensional Selves
  • Our dream-time is related to 4 dimensions: astral, etheric and two others, depending on our consciousness and "battery power"; after The Event we will remember all our dreams
  • We can dream of an entire lifetime in just one minute
  • Plans related to our "missions" or life experiences are sometimes decided during our dream-time via our Higher Self or our higher consciousness, from a higher perspective.

PART 3: Direct Contact With Goddess ISIS
  • We have an hierarchy of Higher Selves, with the "real" Higher Self on the 9D; hence that's why we are living in a dream within dream within dream
  • At 12D we release our inner journey and become a complete Soul Unit, no longer separated by dimensions
  • Ibrahim's connection with Isis and Osiris ~ related to activation of Isis Portal in Egypt which needs 3 stages, two of which has occurred with the final one after The Event
  • Isis and Osiris built many points of Goddess Energy vortices, one of which are Pyramids in Egypt
  • Nefertiti and Akhenaton were the Godhood energies and their stories were manipulated into myths
  • Isis energy is now present on Earth (via Egypt Portal), diffusing beautiful Goddess energies (from what I understand, I think he said a few Goddesses are present, we know that Cobra has mentioned that cosmic Goddess Dou Mu has successfully entered the Earth realm after the Isis portal activation in December 2014
  • In the myth of Osiris being dismembered into 14 parts and Isis restoring them, Isis via Ibrahim reveals the true meaning to be this: that the 14 parts are 14 points of Goddess energies on Earth, and when these points are all connected again, it will enable the Ashtar Command to initiate First Contact ie. the return of Osiris to Earth
  • Love (Isis) and Freedom (what Isis' sister represents) are feminine energies required to birth the New.

PART 4: Goddess Isis Continued
  • Ibrahim delivers Isis' information in Light Language
  • Meaning includes how the mythologies have been corrupted.


  1. Hello Grace, I've done the transcript for these videos yesterday. Once it is OK'd, it will be posted on Brother Ibrahim's website and\or blog if you're interested. Stumbled upon your blog and saw this. So thought of letting you know. Namasté

    1. Namaste TheWellDressedYogi, welcome to The Earth Plan :) Thank you for alerting me, yes I would love to have the transcript once it's available, thank you for doing it! I'll keep a look-out for it. Blessings

  2. Thank you :) Earth Plan - like the name! And what a lovely privilege to be part of this plan for our beautiful Mother, isn't it? You're welcome to have a jog on my blog @ thewelldressedyogi.wordpress.com if interested. It isn't as extensive as yours - just my rant from my spiritual journey. Take care. Have a lovely day! <3

    1. Yes, TWDYogi, thank you for reminding me it's a privilege because I forget that so easily, given the circumstances :D I did have a look at your blog, and please don't for one minute think that it's "just" your rant...you are shining your gorgeous light in the way that you do best, and that frequency is helping those who are aligned with it (your readers). So we are ALL doing our best, in our own way, contributing to the overall Journey of Humanity :)

      So THANK YOU for shining your Light, your blog has beautiful energies :) Namaste and Blessings

    2. Thank you Grace for saying that and reminding me too! For me, honesty in the way I write and coming from my own experiences is important.

      Yes, when we are in the thick of clearing the muck, it indeed doesn't feel a privilege, quite the contrary actually ;-) Take care!

  3. Dear Grace, thank you for sharing our latest update [the blue pulse] , and for your great effort in writing the highlight spots to clear the videos content…

    1. Thank YOU and Blue Flare for doing this and helping us in this Ascension process, dear EM. It is very much appreciated!
      Namaste and Blessings,