23 May 2015

"The Metaphysician Needs to Heal Thyself" ~ Nova Biscotti ~ 22 May 2015


I'm especially grateful to Nova Biscotti for this message, primarily because over the past couple of weeks, I've realised that many Light Servers are in great need of healing ourselves. Many of us carry deep pain that expresses itself in numerous ways, none of which would be beneficial for us or anyone else that we're supposed to assist when the time comes. I've been wanting to write something about this but I'm very glad to see this, so I can post this first. Nova Biscotti's message is very important to those of us who need to acknowledge, heal and release our own inner pain so that we can move forward positively.

This came via email, and I don't see it on the Prepare For Change website, so I'll reproduce it in full.

Greetings all!  This is Nova Biscotti writing for the Prepare For Change Leadership Group.  It has been an intense time of looking inward lately for many of us.  I’ve recently come to the conclusion that “the metaphysician needs to heal thyself”, and have spent a considerable amount of time this month reflecting and contemplating all that this incarnation has been for me.

While what follows may seem obvious to others, I have been trying to do so much for others that I ended up getting into a bad spot energetically.  Reading Untwine’s post above finally put all I have been experiencing into perspective.

Often workaholics (an accurate description of me) tend to use negative emotions for energy in order to ‘keep going’ through the struggle of daily life.  I’m sure we all have experienced a boss who has no life, works long hours, and exercises tyranny by expecting all employees to do the same.  These people tend to draw energy from the fear and anger of their employees, and they use this negative fuel to keep going and going and going – often perplexing those around them.

They are unable to break free of the cycle, because then they would immediately become exhausted and collapse mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Without any inner joy to give them an energetic spark, they would collapse in despair.  Unconsciously, they know this, but will never admit this to themselves or others.

I have gone through this myself in the current month; although I was trying my best to not hurt others, I realized I was holding on to a tremendous amount of inner pain which I have been using to maintain a frenetic pace…and I naively hoped the EVENT would release this from me.

Now I see that I need to heal inside, and it is clear why:  once the EVENT happens, many of the hard-driving Type-A personalities who are ‘in charge’ of many institutions or companies will simply shut down emotionally and lose their ability to ‘lead’ via the usual intimidation and other fear-based techniques.

Instead of being the ones barking the orders, many will likely be scared to death (sadly, I expect some to have heart attacks or strokes) by seeing so many powerful and untouchable individuals being perp-walked on their way to incarceration.

This will result in a change that few will understand; the same fearsome, powerful people who would not think twice about putting ‘little people’ in their place will suddenly “emperors without clothing”.

Gentleness, compassion, and wisdom will be the tools to save the day; when I wrote An Open Letter To Corporate Executives, I was experiencing a great deal of frustration with the insanity of the Corporate World and how short-sighted selfish objectives were systematically being used to rob the masses with impunity.

Now I look back on that and realize this is as harsh of language as will be needed.  The energetic changes we are all going through – when combined with the shock of the banking shutdown, mass arrests, and Disclosure – will soften many of these “Bankster Wannabes” such that they are more than happy to do something – ANYTHING – positive to spin their actions in a favorable light.
Let’s give them the chance to redeem themselves.  No matter how angry we are, no matter how much we may have been hurt by them (or others working for the Cabal), every sentient being has a right to ask for forgiveness and make reparations for their misdeeds.

When the EVENT happens, I myself will be presenting many documents to people who have worked above me in the Financial Services industry.  Some of these people have made selfish cost-cutting decisions that nearly killed me via overwork.

Finding the strength to forgive them has been the single hardest emotional task of my entire life.  But I believe I have overcome it by understanding how they, too, have been pawns in a much larger game.  It has been worth the struggle, and I now feel I can be strong, wise, and compassionate when the EVENT comes and formerly powerful people will be brought to their knees via fear and confusion.

Nova Biscotti

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