20 May 2015

The New Timeline and the Beginning of the Transition - EM Ibrahim Hassan - 19 May 2015

**Update 21 May: Apologies, I've fixed the links, thank you to all who alerted me :)

I'm on the move and have to work on my phone, so please excuse typo and format issues. It's such positive news that it needs to go out pronto !!!

EM Ibrahim Hassan mentions the three ancient continents resurfacing (Lemuria, Atlantis, Greater Sri Lanka) which Sheldan Nidle has repeatedly discussed. New positive timelines being birthed, definitive end of Kali Yuga and the coming of The Event...YES!!

Source : The World of Truth

All main timelines have reached the convergence point that led to activate the New Timeline, which through it, all the previous problems in the universe will end..

Working on the birth plan for the new timeline, began since thousands of years, which when completed there will be a reset for all Timeline schedules, and the end of each obstacles that was tracked to the main problem that happened in the beginning of the creation to this universe...

The New Timeline was ready in 2014, but was not been activated, because one of its possibilities {which the timeline contained} will cause a big side effect to make it successful..{usually each timeline has both sides of Negative & Positive possibilities}...

Please read on....


  1. Good move, Grace.

    Here the working link: ´http://theworldoftruth7.blogspot.de/2015/05/the-new-timeline-beginning-of.html

    1. :D :D I just had the chance to check my mail today, sorry this was uncorrected until now. Thanks, Lee :) I could have sworn it was working on my phone....

  2. Thank you Ibrahim. My question: do you know if when the plasma plain collapses, any strangelet bombs still contained in it can/ will, or can NOT explode anymore?

    1. I've sent on your query to Ibrahim, I'll let you know when he replies :)

    2. Yikes, sorry I just checked and saw your query on EM's site. Just pretend this didn't happen, Lee....

    3. Lee, here is the reply I received from EM via email:

      Dear Lee Binder:

      The plasma plane will collapse when the breakthrough reaches phase 2 out of 3 OR phase 3 out of 4...

      And regarding the [Strangelet bombs] , it does not matter whether the bomb explode or NOT , but what important is “ the sequences that will led to this issue & what bearing of dependencies for this explosion if happened “..

      All big side effects for ‘The New Timeline that has been activated’ were removed… this means; that the dark forces cannot bring an issue OR big event if it’s not included in the new time line schedule...

      Any attempts to create an event outside the branches of the New TimeLine will fail...