20 May 2015

The Soul ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

**Text: The Soul is not part of that which is corporeal, yet it resides in you at a corporeal level. So, it's not chemistry, it's not synapse (brain created), and it's not intuition. It's none of the things that you've studied. It is something you can't understand yet, since it doesn't fit into any box you have created for yourself within your 3D science. It's a piece of the Creator - the Creative Source, which is responsible for “all that is."**

From Kryon Live Channel, "The Human Soul Revealed"
December 2014 in San Rafael, CA

Image Source: The Guardian


  1. Dear Grace,

    If you have not already done so, check out Cobra's latest post. It is the one we have been waiting on since June of 2011. That was when the light forces were given permission to start destroying the underground bases built for the cabal to hide out in while they tried to destroy the world.

    One of those collapses in the east was reported as an earthquake, and it cracked the pyramid at the top of the Washington Monument. I took that as a good omen for humanity and a bad omen for the cabal - which is now proving to be true. I know you always post Cobra, but I was so relieved to see the posting that I just had to share it with someone who completely understands!

    Have a Blessed evening...

    1. Good morning, ShaunieL (start of new day where I am). Thank you for the alert, I really appreciate it :) I've just posted it, it's GREAT information ~ let's look forward to widespread participation!

      I remember that clearing operation...There were several loud booms and I found myself allaying the concerns of those around me. Just as well they are used to the "stories" I tell them...I'm sure they thought it was just another one of them.

      Namaste :)