29 May 2015

TWOT ~ The World of Truth On the Ground ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 29 May 2015

EM Ibrahim Hassan is sending out the call to form boots-on-the-ground teams to assist in and facilitate processes surrounding The Event. Here are some of the categories:

  • Preparation for the Event through the work on conferences in many countries of the world...
  • Connect with the higher self and soul family..
  • Removing the chips” the implants”
  • Connect with the light beings & other worlds
  • Support [the light body process]
  • Prepare for the ascension, whether Natural ascension or through Chambers of Light..
  • Vital energy healing
  • Spiritual development
  • Spiritual retreat...
  • Meditation in the nature on the basis of sacred geometry...
  • Prepping to manifest the Cities of Light.
Please proceed to The World Of Truth to find out more...

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