02 May 2015

Unity Consciousness...the End of Duality ~ Kara Schallock ~ 30 April 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

Realize that all are in different phases of their Ascension. What is shared here is the ...potential ...of all sentient beings. So look truthfully at where you truly are, and then take a step forward. ...

Most important is for you to be honest with yourself. for it is essential for your true rising as a Divine Being of Love. Being authentic is being true to your Soul. your Divinity. Your life will reflect to you your truth. If one is defensive, it surely is separate ego attempting to hold them back in the old. If one is judgmental, then that one is also of the old, anchored in the duality of right/wrong, love/hate, good/bad and so forth. The potential of Now is that duality is dissolved and Unity is the way of the highly evolved being. And it is true that we are anchoring more and more of our Higher Selves. our Newness. There may be those in your life who will rebel against your New self. Let them, while you maintain your loving kindness, realizing that all have a choice. The schism between New and old is quite prominent now and as you disengage from battle, you strengthen the New within you. If your separate ego is begging you to engage to prove something, either ignore the urge to be pulled back into old behaviors or write it out. Journaling is a powerful healing tool.

Since the eclipses, we have slowly but powerfully moved more and more into our new space. For those reticent to address some of their deeper core issues of dross, it ...may ...have been a difficult time. When one ignores what surfaces, it only goes deeper and continues to create life. It will resurface again and again until it is accepted and released. It takes Awareness, Acceptance and self-Responsibility to do so, and most do not like it when these things surface. Why? Because it is of the old and our natural state of being is Love. Yet, it is truly essential to let go of all that is not Love. not simply ignore it. Ignoring does not release it. It will continue to create circumstances in order to get your attention. Since we are holding more Light and more Love, the old issues will become more and more painful, for the old duality cannot coexist with Love.

Regardless of what is occurring around you, realize that you are in a whole New life. If you are not conscious of this, you may continue to act as if you are in the old life of duality, which of course, keeps you in that tenuous state of straddling both worlds, which can be quite confusing and detrimental to your ongoing Ascension. Know too that when you are in proximity of lower energies, you may feel confused and doubt your worth. This is the time to be strong in your Love. To do this, you may have to disengage from others as well as from the outer world. Yes, the outer world can tell you what is still within to accept and let go&..hellip.or what to empower. Because we are so much more in the New, the outer can actually erode how far we&..rsquo.ve come. This disengaging, if we choose to do this, allows us to be stronger in Love and to strengthen the foundation of the New. When you are firmly in the New, you want to only be with others who support your New You, rather than have it be chipped away with subtle judgments and other lower energies of duality. Love yourself enough to step aside and not engage or fight, because that does nothing but empower the dark.

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