27 May 2015

Victory of the Light Progress Report: May 2015 ~ Therese Zumi Sumner

Therese Zumi Sumner has written an extensive report that charts the positive developments of the Victory of the Light's unceasing efforts to liberate Humanity, not just here on our own Planet but elsewhere in the Solar System. I haven't yet read it through properly ~ it's quite a huge body of work and TZS has certainly amassed and collated a lot of information ~ I'm going ahead to post it first because I don't want it to end up sitting around unattended for an indefinite period of time.

Source: Veritas Galactic Sweden

Who exactly are the Allied Light Forces? Who is underground? Who is on the surface?
Who is orbiting the planet? What is Galactic Codex? What is the current situation?
What are the victories that we have had so far?

This is an overview of the progress of the Allied Light Forces that are working in full cooperation to remove the power of the archons i.e. the Chimera Archon faction and the Jesuit Archon factions and their minions that have been holding us hostage here for 26000 years. The Allied Light Forces is composed of many different groups who are all working simultaneously and in synchronicity for the exact same goal namely the goal of liberation and peace on earth. As each person within each of these groups intuitively moves forward following his/her hearts knowing of what is necessary to focus on at each moment they are each of them an integral important link that will bring us all very soon to the day of Victory of the Light.

Groups on Three Levels

I will commence by giving you some details about the different Light groups within the Allied Light Forces involved in this liberation. These Light Forces are working below surface, on the surface and in Lightships all around this planet and as far away as the Galactic Central Sun area where the Central Civilisation is directly involved in our liberation process. After that I will give a short introductory recount of the latest information we know about the ongoing operations for the Victory of the Light. Then I will bring you back a couple of years and show you with information updates from Cobra some details of our progress since early 2013.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that our united consciousness efforts according to the Law of Manifestation will soon bring us to the day that we have all been longing for, the day of Compression Breakthrough, the day that many native groups have called the Shift of Ages, the day that we call The Event.

The Event is a dynamic situation, a co-creation of us all, a decision on a collective level.

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