22 June 2015

A *Possible* Message From The Sphere Being Alliance ~ Denice via American Kabuki ~ 19 June 2015

 American Kabuki
I received an email from a dear reader with some information that piqued my interest. Denice had sent American Kabuki a message that she received from a Being that identified with a part of the Sphere (Being) Alliance that was "not yet revealed". The reason she contacted me was that my recent update had validated her communication with the Being. She was shown a white feather which looked like the image I had on my post.

Please proceed to American Kabuki to read the message. Like AK, I will caution against specific dates...I've come across too many dates that became out-dated :)  And again like AK, I'm posting this information so that we know what's happening when the lights appear. We need to get ready and be good to go, remember?  :)

Source: American Kabuki

This came from a woman in the USA who for the last year has remarkably accurate dreams about of some of the work we were doing, as well as events occurring around the world.  And for that reason I post this...

The first part is her dream, followed up by, for lack of a better word... a confirmation channeling... purportedly from the Sphere Alliance... something she's never sent me before.  

I don't usually publish predictions with dates, heard too many of them in my Christian youth.  Time is a bit of an illusion and things tend to progress as they should in a sequence of events, which often depend on other events, and not always predictable in terms of what we think of as time or schedules. 

I have no idea if this is actually going to happen.  I just put it out there for the record, if these unusual lights begin to manifest on the planet, you will have some idea of what is happening and what comes next... Use your higher discernment as always...  -AK

On Jun 20, 2015, at 4:57 PM, Denise wrote:

Last night was filled with restless sleep.  I was working on my I-Tech, and saw flashes of very real, colorful images.  One was a man with long thick hair like Hagrid from Harry Potter, but it was lighter grey and he had the largest blue eyes I have ever seen and a very warm smile.  The eyes looked right into my soul.  It was the most colorful, real image to date and I felt like I could almost reach out and touch him.

Later, I felt that someone was present and wanted contact.  I made some declarations based on information I have read from Sophia Love.  Only Absolute Truth allowed.  No lies.  No manipulation.

The being was a soul group from another dimension.  Sounded very stilted and robotic. I asked if it was Artificial Intelligence.  It stated no.  I again made the declarations of only the Absolute Truth is welcomed.

Please read on...


  1. Without disclosure and the clearing + subsequent collapsing of the plasma plane first?

    The spheres' task and service it is to down-transform the high frequencies from the central galactic sun via Sirius. Having such a central role, I guess they do need to know when The Blue Pulse is being ignited. I just can't wrap my head around that only Denise would be shared this news with on planet Earth, and no other channel or medium..

    No info on any of Corey's sites, either. I dare say he'd be the main source for news from the Sphere Beings.

    1. I actually took it to mean that it's some sort of "signal" or symbols in the sky, like setting the stage visually for the surface. I don't think they are referring to The Event/Blue Pulse.

      I only check in on Corey's sites now and then, but from what I can remember, there have been other people contacted by the SB Alliance. Whether they are the Avians, Orbs or Triangle Ones, or from the other two, I'm not sure.

      With so much going on with the plasma plane, it looks to me that it's an integral part of the critical path. I feel that that has to be dealt with first.


  2. Ready, ready, READY!!!!



    1. I think we've been ready for eons hehehee....

      Blessings <3