16 June 2015

A Small Fragment of Solara's June 2015 Surf Report ~ The Great Convergence

I usually post Solara's Surf Report (the free version) here in full, because, as far as I know, they are replaced each time a new one is published. Please, however, go over to her site to read it if it's still the current month. This is especially so for June (now), because I just feel that it will benefit you better if you go over to her site to read it. I'm a great believer in each site's own energy signature or frequency, and this month I believe it's really special.

You can purchase the full report at her site, which is what I tried to do today. Unfortunately, the site's check-out process is having some issues, so if you wish to do that, just keep trying until it's up and running.

Source: The NVisible

    In May, we experienced a lot of shifting templates. This has created new fissures in The Way Things Used To Be. These new openings enable unexpected occurrences and quantum breakthroughs to happen. This starts right at the beginning of the month. With our sweeping shift of perspective, we are able to see more of the New Landscape than we ever dreamed was there. This will enable us to move forward with confidence during the second half of June as we approach the Great Convergence.

    Following our Heart's Knowingness always takes us into unexpected directions. It takes us way beyond our old comfort zones. It stretches the boundaries of our previous limitations until they finally snap apart. It exponentially expands our inherent capabilities and creativity. It requires us to do things that we don't normally do. And it makes us more true and real than we can presently imagine.

    Living on the New Road requires taking risks and not knowing if we're going to receive the desired outcome of our actions. It requires being all right with NOT KNOWING. It also requires that we take decisive action to get there while putting our full beings and massive efforts into achieving this. This is how we go into our True Direction and find our True Home and True People.

    This month feels really fresh and clean, like we've all just been thorough the car wash and thoroughly scrubbed and polished to a brilliant patina inside and out. There's a powerful surge of clean, new energy and a sense of rising excitement for things that we can't yet see. There's a deep, internal stillness interlaced with a lot of action. We feel more integrated and in balance. New, truer parts of our beings are emerging and they feel natural and good.

    In June, we will see a much clearer picture of our transfigured New Landscape. And we will start making plans to move into this New Landscape, rather than just visiting it. June gives us a clear overview of the next several months. This month we will be completing the final mile of our Final Miles.

    June changes the game of life that we've been playing. It adds new elements to the game, changes the rules of the game and changes our approach to the game, as well as the way we play it. Everything becomes infinitely more serious and real, but feels increasingly natural and deeply fulfilling as well.

    There's an increasing separation between the media generated "reality" and what is really going on in the world. Increasing numbers of us no longer believe in this fabricated view of reality and are now able to read between the lines and see the true picture of what is the True Reality. This is an important and necessary step to fully step free from duality.

    The energies have been building up to June's Great Convergence for several months now. June propels us towards the Great Convergence with increased momentum, helping us bring many long standing projects to completion, freeing us to fully inhabit the New Landscape as never before.

    Many of us feel strongly compelled to be part of this Convergence, although we may not yet know why or even how we do this. We can feel the propulsion that is carrying us forward with tremendous excitement, yet we are unable to describe what may happen once it occurs. There is something epic and monumental about the Great Convergence!

    This Convergence will bring us a powerful collective shift, which for some may be totally life changing. Many elements of our lives will click into position with a resounding sense of rightness. It will reconnect us with our true coordinates. It will unite us with our True People and True Places. It will immerse us in the exquisite energies of the New Reality and it will reveal new aspects of ourselves.

    The apex of the Great Convergence takes place on June 30th, during the Activation of the Heart of AN in Peru. (Coincidentally, this is also the date of the very rare Jupiter / Venus Conjunction.) But we don't have to be in Peru to experience it; it will be felt all over the world by those who are tuned into their Heart's Knowingness. This Great Convergence is part of a two month process in June and July in which we will gather together with our right people and right places. After that, a migration into our True Positions will begin in earnest.

    The Convergence energies will be in full affect until the middle of July when our Emergence from the Convergence begins. In August we will tie up loose ends and merge together separated fragments of our beings. In September we enter unknown territory as this month presents us with a shining New Landscape upon which we can now begin to plant the seeds of our True Lives and begin inhabiting a New World.

    This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JUNE 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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