22 June 2015

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 21 June 2015

Rainbow Mandala ~ Dune Keltz
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Source: Oneness Of All

Dear ones we are well aware of the disappointment many of you feel as to how slowly the new earth seems to be emerging.  This is because you are viewing the process with specific expectations of how things "should" be according to whatever concepts you may be holding.   There is no fault in this,  as it simply reflects how you have learned to live life in third dimensional energy. 

You expect evolutionary changes to manifest in certain familiar ways, but remember, the human consciousness is limited to what is already known.  Be open to what is as of yet unknown, for change is, and will manifest in unexpected ways.  Know that powerful new energies are silently pouring in and available to all,  but will not always manifest in the ways you expect. Much of what you perceive as chaos, is actually the  cleansing and clearing of old energy.

It is very important to take time to rest during the day for the process of integrating these powerful  new energies often leaves an individual feeling exhausted.   Even with busy work/family schedules it is important to include  small breaks  which can be as simple as  shutting a bathroom door and resting for a few minutes in the realization of "I AM".   If possible, a short nap works best.

The integration process does not happen overnight, but is exactly that,  a process.  Be patient dear ones, and let go of the temptation to believe  you are doing nothing simply because  you and the world are not as you had anticipated--yet.

Some, when feeling the need for a nap in the middle of the day,  resist, believing that it indicates  laziness or a physical backward step because it is something you have never before needed to do.  It is important not to resist, for the integration process requires a great deal of  energy, leaving less for the active lifestyle you may of become accustomed to. The person who insists on continuing old habits of going, going, going, in spite of a need for more rest, will soon find himself very depleted of energy

Taking time to stop and rest is not a doing nothing as it may appear, but is an action  integral to the releasing/integrating  process.  You have been programmed to believe that busy-ness equals productive and successful living.  Both school and parents taught you that time spent doing nothing was idleness, a bad thing, but as with so many other beliefs this is simply a concept handed down from generation to generation.  
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