05 June 2015

Becoming A Way-Shower ~ Paul Selig

Thank you to Oracles and Healers, where I first saw this.

Source: Empath1111

** Text: The purpose of being awakened is to become a way-shower, and as you become aware of your dominion of yourself as a Divine Being, your obligation is to teach others the same. Now you can teach through sharing this book with a friend, or you can simply teach through how you navigate yourself in your existence. As you demonstrate your own ability to stand in the light, to stay in knowing, to recreate those aspects of the self that have stood in fear into love, you become a living self-decision activated as Word, and as you do this you call to you others in frequency that you would help.

Now this design can happen on two different levels. You can do this with your brother and you can do this with your town, or your country, or your world.

Paul Selig - The Book of Love and Creation
A Channeled Text **

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