29 June 2015

Cobra and Rob Potter Interview ~ 24 June 2015

**Update: Cobra has provided the YT link, as well as email for questions,
and the image above :)  Here for The Portal

The audio and transcript are both available, so please head over to Rob Potter's Promise Revealed to either listen or read. Surely not both?   :)

PS... I've just finished reading this, and my two dollars' worth (inflation) is that it's definitely one you may not want to miss :)


  1. my question (update on state of plasma plane cleanup) wasn't even asked .. ;(

    1. My opinion only, Lee...."something" is definitely happening behind the scenes. Very critical, very sensitive, and I'm sure we're all feeling it. Sometimes like we are holding our breath and have to remember to consciously breathe. If we look at Cobra's last updates, there were three CHxxx detected (CHim_ _ _ I'm guessing) and that took some time before clearing commenced. Until today, no news of any of them being cleared yet.

      I won't be surprised if questions about the cleanup were avoided due to its sensitive nature.

      We do whatever we can on "this" side :) Stay determined....we'll see this one all the way through this time.

      Blessings, Grace

  2. Yes, I feel and think the exact same. For now, lets breathe and stay happy.