15 June 2015

Cobra and Untwine Interview ~ 7 June 2015

Dream Temple ~ Gilbert Williams

Untwine : Can you explain what shamballah refers to exactly ?

Cobra : Shamballah is one name for the underground kingdom of Light, where light forces have been anchoring and grounding light for the last 25000 years, since they have been driven away from the surface of the planet when planet earth became a quarantine 25000 years ago.

U : Ok. Can it also refer to cities on the etheric and astral plane, above the surface ?

C : Of course all the underground cities of Light also have their etheric and astral counterparts, and some of those cities are also located above the Earth surface, high in the stratosphere.

U : Can you talk about the stories about the king of the world, what do they refer to ?

C : The king of the world is an ancient wise being of Light, that has been guiding the evolution of this planet for many millions of years, and he’s actually an ascended being so that being has gone beyond illusions of space and time, he has gone beyond this dimension of space and time, and he’s actually an enlightened being.

U : Ok. So is he still present on the planet at this moment ?

C : He is not present on the planet at the moment, but his consciousness is focused on the planet at the moment.

U : Can you talk about the energy center in the lower back, where our stem cells are created, what it corresponds to ?

C : This energy center is actually one of the keys to unlock the mysteries of DNA. Also I would like to say that there is too much attention on DNA itself, what is more important is that there is a higher dimensional blueprint, especially in the etheric body, which then manifests as physical DNA, and this energy center is regulating the flow of energy regarding this.

Please read the complete interview at Recreating Balance, where Untwine also has some information regarding gridwork at Cern on 21 June 2015.

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