11 June 2015

Earth Rings Like A Bell ~ Q&A With Nassim Haramein ~ 10 June 2015

Nassim Haramein answers the question:
"I've heard that the earth rings like a bell. What then can be inferred about the interior of the earth in order to produce that resonance?"

Nassim Haramein uses real science (as opposed to mainstream science) to explain why not just Earth, but all planets, have a signature resonance. All planets are hollow. This includes our Sun as well, where there is an advanced civilisation living in the interior.

He also talks a bit about Earth being in a compacted state but expanding at the moment. If you are interested to explore further, just search for "expanding earth" and you'll see quite a number of videos available. The ones I watched had very good animations showing the contraction, and then expansion of the surface area, but I cannot recall which particular videos because it was some time ago.

Listen to  this 9-minute session with Nassim Haramein here.

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