16 June 2015

Embodiment: How To Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind ~ Part III ~ Sandra Walter ~ 13 June 2015

Finally, I've found an explanation for the increased volume of the ringing! (Sometimes it even hurts, just for a short bit.) And that sand-under-the-skin sensation that I was griping about before. Good to know they are no cause for medical alarm...

Sandra also provides great guidance, as always, for our Solstice preparations.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The Solstice Gateway is well underway. I AM sure many of you are experiencing the increase in revelation/expansion activity. We graciously arrive at the midway point between the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gates, halfway through this year of Mastery. We witness our transformation and make adjustments as Solstice turns up the intensity. The acceleration has a momentum of its own, which is driven by Cosmic forces. For our own cognition, emotional stability, and determination to complete the task at hand, we focus on the frequencies of Divine Love which support embodiment.
Feel into the HUman heart grid; there are many of us experiencing the profound, the bizarre, and the indescribable during this phase. I won’t get into my personal experiences here. It is the unspoken which unifies us right now. Remember it is a phase, a right of passage. Saturate your consciousness with the Divine experience.

Gateway passages are opportunities; they accelerate the advancement of our personal Ascension goals. Be true to your own path. When introspective, quiet engagement is required (or requested by the Higher Self/Higher Realms), honor it. If you are guided to gather (not out of habit, tradition, or beliefs), honor it. Personally, I desire stillness for deep exploration of what is occurring in my consciousness.

A Message on Embodiment
As you enter the higher levels of your transfiguration, you may feel a unity with those who have embodied the Solar Cosmic Christ in the past. Those are the templates anchored by your predecessors. In the Now Ascension, note the uniqueness of your experiences. You reflect a new command from Source which is penetrating every particle of this Universe. As you navigate your way through the energetic barriers between 4D and 5D, between the Lower Self and Higher Self, between the old experience and the new light creation, you bravely embrace the unknown. As always, the new energies and higher light is easily received in a calm, relaxed state of beingness. Breathe.

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