01 June 2015

Free The Colonies Crop Circle ~ Untwine ~ 31 May 2015

I just read this...priceless!! Thanks for this alerting us to this validation, Untwine!

This is what he has to say about this Crop Circle:

This crop circle, appearing on the night of the clearing of all bases belonging to that same negative secret space program, is a very clear and powerful symbol coming from the Galactic Confederation (to which the Aldebarans belong to of course), to reclaim the original sacred energy of that symbol, and declare once and for all the end of the cycle of mis-use and abuse throughout this solar system and entire universe.

Victory !!

Please read the rest of the message over at Recreating Balance.


  1. Very interesting. I also felt that the galactics were trying to reclaim sacred symbols with this colony liberation. However, in my case, I kept getting images of ancient Egypt like the Eye of Ra/Horus and pyramids.

    1. I'm sure your visions tie in perfectly with Untwine's message, Mitchell. Perhaps these sacred symbols need to be "liberated" first, so that they can be used to help with Planetary liberation.