01 June 2015

Free The Colonies Meditation ~ Personal Notes and Sitting In That Golden Chair...

This is a personal account of my experiences prior to, during and after the meditation. I will refrain from being dramatic :)

The two days leading to the meditation were, for me, full of distractions. I felt like I was constantly putting out mini-fires. This really pushed me off-kilter as the distractions successfully placed me in reaction-mode, instead of being centered in my own "zone".

Then, on the day of the meditation itself, I received a couple of concerns that the countdown clock was showing different times. The last straw was when the clock didn't show properly on some platforms. That was when I removed the clock and said "Enough Is Enough!!" So for those who were depending on the countdown, I do apologise for removing it because I did not want to jeopardise the meditation.

So I finally came to my senses, took a really long, deep breath and stopped functioning from my limited human self, embraced my unlimited Divine Self and sat on my Golden Chair. (This metaphor is based on guidance from Iyanla Vanzant, Kryon via Lee Carroll and more recently, Ibrahim Hassan.) I resolved that NO-thing was going to stop me from participating in the meditation, and declared that my meditation will be both intense and powerful. And the distractions stopped.

Initially, the meditation itself was a little bit "rough", but after just a minute...Wow! I was teary as I sensed all the strong waves of emotions, and then I saw the sections being lit up, one by one, in quick succession. For some reason it reminded me of the Beacons of Gondor in LOTR being lit across the land. Although I haven't seen any status update from Cobra at this time of writing, I can't help but feel that we were very successful in providing the needed support.

For the rest of the day (my local time for the med was 5:11 am), I just didn't want to be online. The only exception was to post the reminder of the Weekly meditation.

I share this encounter as a reminder to go sit in our own Golden Chair whenever we encounter obstacles or interferences of this nature, and not to give up on our task. This is especially so when we are fast approaching the point where "everything changes" (And as I write this, I recall something that Cobra said in his recent interview with Rob Potter...to "them", it ain't over til it's over...paraphrasing.) To remember our own Sovereignty, our own Divine Centre. To never forget that we are far more than just our physical self, and to always be All That We Are ~ Divine Humans.


PS. I felt very "drag-gy" over the two days prior to the meditation. That feeling has thankfully dissipated!

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