03 June 2015

Free The Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 2 June 2015

M1 = Earth, M2 = Moon
The meditation was successful, yay!! It's not all cleared up yet, but plenty got done, like the disintegration of Tunnel of Set! And now I know to what those L1 / L2 /.... codes refer.

Source: The Portal

Free the Colonies activation was a big success. The critical mass of the surface population required for this activation was lower because we were dealing with an off-planet situation and it was reached easily. The most critical part of the Breakthrough operations for our Solar System was taking place between May 28th and June 2nd and is now complete.

The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects - NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.

The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated.
Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:

This proposal was rejected by the vast majority of secret space program factions as these colonies would be too big and thus easily detectable from Earth. Chimera, on the other hand, had small but powerful implant stations positioned at various Lagrange points for the last 26,000 years.

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  1. Dear Grace,

    Did you see Cobra's latest coded reports for the Resistance members? It sounds to me as if they are possibly executing an accelerated emergency protocol of some kind:

    "Due to current HVBN instability and proximity of omega convergence point, (end convergence point is maybe the Galactic Pulse?) an update is required. ... Request urgent modulation of S2EXT protocol."

    Then in the next posting: HFshield failure, minimal S2EXT protocol ready, prepare PORTAL

    Just curious about your 'feeling' about these cryptic messages.

    Many Blessings... and thanks for the cutting edge info.

    1. Dear ShaunieL,wow talk about synchronicity! I wrote something about this just about an hour ago. I did not specifically post Cobra's updates because of sensitivity, but I did say something about it in the meditation reminder. I also noted that Gaia Portal has not updated for over a week.

      I feel that the situation is very tense, which is obvious from the coded messages. Maybe the "omega convergence point" is a prominent timeline? That perhaps involves the Galactic Pulse, as you said? The "Prepare Portal" part sounds encouraging.

      I will go out on a limb and say this...I "get" the message that they are "bleeding to death". Whether that is literal or not, I can't say. Things are edgy at the moment, but this "bleeding to death" thing makes me feel that "their" end is very close.

      Please remember that all this is just my opinion, I'd like to think I'm not totally wrong though!

      Let's stay our course and intensify our intentions and actions for the FINAL and COMPLETE liberation of Humanity and Planet.

      Thank you for shining your Light, ShaunieL <3