23 June 2015

Helvetic Communications Have Completed ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 June 2015

I can only guess that this has something to do with re-connecting to our ancient origins...

Source: Gaia Portal

 Helvetic communications have completed…
…and open causeways for Illumination of all humanity.
Frescoes of Light appear in the unprepared and previously un-illumined.
Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.
Fennelics have upgraded all Gaia Energetic Expansion Portals.


  1. I only know helvetic as another word for Swiss. Does not make any apparent sense, though. Maybe it was supposed to mean "hermetic" (?)

    1. The only "helvetic" I know is the Helvetica font :) So I did a search, and one of the definitions is this, from Dictionary.com


      "Swiss," 1550s, from Helvetia terra, Medieval Latin name of Switzerland, from Latin Helvetius "pertaining to the Helvetii," a Celtic people of ancient Gallia Lugdunensis.

      That "Celtic" definition resonated with me. It went with the next paragraph about "patterns of ancients...".
      Blessings ❤