16 June 2015

June Solstice Additional "Alerts"

This post is in relation to my recent one - "June Solstice...Get Ready".

I've been pointed to some resources that are talking about the "something major" that I was writing about. I've decided to list them here as an addendum, because it's quicker this way than for me to post them individually. Also, in case any other links come in, I can easily add to it.

Thank you to ShaunieL and Hiraa for taking the time and effort to send me these resources ❤

I've not heard the audio from Daniel Teague yet, except for a few minutes in the beginning. It's good to know that Alexandra Meadors is finally saying "no more doom and gloom"... I haven't followed Galactic Connection for a long while now because there were lots of it there at one time.

Here are the links (they appear as comments on my June Solstice post). Please be guided by your own Divinity as to what to take from them, or not.

Daniel Teague / Alexandra Meadors (Denise Le Fay referred to this in her last message)


  1. From "Planetary Shift: Urgent Incoming Message For All Starseeds" - do I understand Daniel correct: from May 21, 58 36hr days = 87 of our 24hr days = August 16?

    1. That's what I heard too, Lee ~ August 16. It's practically around the corner, given how fast we are now travelling through the Time Corridor....