17 June 2015

June Solstice...Get Ready... ~ Part 2


I had to create a second part to my "June Solstice...Get Ready" post because something which I feel is of significant relevance just occurred to me. I should have made the connection much earlier, but it has take me this long before the realisation finally dawned on me.

Four months ago, I had written "Ready To Go" in two parts. It was basically about Mother Gaia being ready to commence her next major phase. I had explained that I (representing us, the Light Servers) was about to step forward, thinking that I was also "ready to go" but was held back by Mother Gaia. It wasn't yet time for me (us)...Mother Gaia (and the Cosmos) had to go first.

Well, I just had a mental flash of the image I had used in that post, and it immediately reminded me of it.

It wasn't yet time for us to make a move then...but it certainly is now!

Dear Light Family, I don't know for sure what's up ahead. All I can say is, shine your Light as bright as you can, because ultimately, that is what we are all here for...to beam forth our inner Light in our own individual way, and birth the new Homo Luminous race, Divine Humans of the Golden Age.

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  1. YES - let's make this a BLUE PULSE and TAKE OFF week-end - YIPPIE :)

    1. You're infectious, Lee! Yes, let's!! We'll send out this intention, from our hearts :)