18 June 2015

Leonines and Carians: From The Sky With Love ~ Jo Mills ~ 16 June 2015

There were many elements in this article that I found interesting, and not just the title alone. Being a "Cloud Person" myself, I very much enjoyed Jo's photos...the images of the orbs and ships were also amazing. As an aside...they are still chem-trailing?! I'm always filled with deep gratitude that I don't get that here. Anyway, it's such a huge relief and consolation to know that we are being assisted in so very many ways, including clearing up those nasty things.

One last note before I proceed with Jo's article....she made a point that made the lights in my head light up like fireworks. I could have sworn I heard the crystal clear sound of clarity going ting-ting-ting!!  And as if on cue, the chimes on my solfeggio music just went TINNGGG!

Jo wrote:
I see and hear a lot in the awakening community ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.’ 
This is so true; Just remember that the ‘we’ is inclusive on a very expansive scale.
Instead of thinking ‘us and them’ (duality) about the assisting ETs, feel into the deeper unity, the wholeness of that ‘we’...

I wholeheartedly and wholistically agree!! Despite what other sources insist, I've said for a long time now that WE need to do our part, but this monumental Cosmic-wide mission cannot be successfully accomplished by us alone...we need our Cosmic family to pull it off, totally and completely, once and for all. Jo really defined that phrase perfectly, giving it the deeper meaning that it was lacking.

Source: Heart Star

Dear friends,

Following the major ‘light beam’ that was sent through a planetary alignment on May 28, to loosen what we could term the ‘Hades energy’, you may have noticed both a general rise in ‘craziness’ in collective happenings and control-oriented narratives in both mainstream and alternate communities, and a rise in collective conscious decision-making, reflected in 3D, for the benefit and well-being of humanity, animals and the planet. The polarization of third density continues to increase, which is part of the process toward a ‘tipping point’ of higher consciousness in both individuals and communities.

If you’re experiencing (mild-to-wild) oscillations in your own emotional, mental and/or physical energies, there’s a practice at the end of this post which I’ve been using for a few days, which iss ‘heaven-sent’. To feel in deeper with the beam, the waveforms that have come in stronger since May 28, you can read Bareld’s detailed message from Ashtar about the ‘Pentawave’ here. The planet was stabilized extremely well through this period, with a 7.8 and 8.5 near/under Japan on May 30, without damage, thanks to star family, our Agarthan friends, the elemental beings, and those on Earth who held the Rose energy and spread peace through the grid at that time. Thank you all so much.

Please read on....

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