08 June 2015

LOVE ~ The New Four-Letter Word ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

From Kryon Live Channel, "The Energy of the Future"
December 2014 in Newport, CA (website here)

Image Source: iwallhd.com

** Updated 10 June with text

** Text: "Finally, I will say to you something that I have said before, and I want you to hear it again and again. The reason for repetition is so you will understand what you see. The darkness will try to win now that the light has been turned on. They have one tool, which is potent - really potent. This tool can get to the highest of the high and ruin them. It can get to the Lightworker, the healer and the channeller. It's a four-letter word called fear.

If you're afraid, then they have won. I want you to think about that. They know this. Let your light shine through this in such an amazing way that there is no longer a horrible, controlling four-letter word. It doesn't even exist. March through these times and remember them, for you expected them and worked toward them. Work toward the new four-letter word - LOVE."     
 Kryon via Lee Carroll  **

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