22 June 2015

Meditation Update

Mount Kinabalu Sunrise ~ Escape Artistes
This is my personal update for the Solstice Liberation Meditation...just my own observations.

A storm of Solar activity heralded the Solstice, with the promise of more to come. I will admit that it is only my unwavering faith that minimises my concern over spontaneous combustion :)

With such intense Solar activity accompanying the Solstice, I should have expected a less-than-"normal" (although nothing is "normal" these days...) meditation. But then again, perhaps it wouldn't have mattered one iota what I expect anyway, because it was a very unusual meditation. I've been contemplating on it for some hours now, and here are my observations.

Shortly after starting, I zoned out. The next thing I know, 20 minutes had passed, but it felt to me like hours! I kept getting the feeling that so much happened. It was as if we had participated in something major on the astral realms ~ something rather challenging. Whatever it was, I felt that it was like cutting a path through something dense. I also felt that there was a "gate" (and although I wanted to use other words, there is an insistence on the word "gate")...guarding/opening/closing it, I cannot remember the exact purpose. Whatever the entire process was, I'm generally positive about the outcome, although I feel like I've run a half-marathon after the meditation.

I was going to mention something on the meditation reminder post, but decided against it because it didn't feel right at that time. I'll mention it now....There have been three "CHxxx" situations "detected" as per Cobra's recent coded messages (no prizes for guessing what the CH stands for...), but no notice of any clearing yet, at the time of writing. I feel that it's another extremely critical and sensitive stage, so I won't say anymore about it except that I hope we get to have some encouraging news soon.

Meanwhile, we will continue to shine our Light in the most dazzling way we can, and be the highest expression of our True Self every moment of every day! Namaste...

PS. I've actually ran/walked a half-marathon before :)

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