20 June 2015

Personal Sharing


This is a personal sharing for whoever feels is of benefit, relating to the current energetic "snapshot" as I see it, and tomorrow's Solstice window.

I'll be stating the obvious when I say that these energies are stirring up everyone and everything. Our input into this Shift is getting more and more important, and I'm sharing my experiences to stress that every effort we make is crucial to the Whole.

Energy Download and Feathers
As always, when I get that "lie-down-NOW" sensation, I try to do just that, because I know that if I don't lie down soon, I'll keel over backwards in a short matter of time (and thankfully it's always happened when I was at home). So that's what happened yesterday. Within a minute of lying down and closing my eyes, I "saw" wave after wave of energetic downloads. I've never before experienced energy downloads in successive waves before, they are usually just one "transmission". I really felt the urgency of the "procedure". I was present but not present, it was like lucid dreaming, except that it wasn't.

I don't know how long this transmission lasted. However, towards the end, I saw, unmistakenly and without any doubt, an outline of a feather. No, not blue (!)....it was just an outline, but agaist a multi-coloured background. Very beautiful, very colourful in a non-garish way. The feather outline looked like this:


After I saw the feather, I promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, about 30 minutes had lapsed.

Earlier in the day, before this download, I went to my store cupboard to get something. A feather wafted gently down as I opened the door ~ it was a feather from my daughter's craft box. And no, again, it wasn't blue, as you can see from the picture...

I didn't know if the two incidents were related, or if the first one influenced the other. I just thought that it was interesting, given all the heightened awareness about the Blue Avians.

Anway, I feel that the energy transmission is part of what I mentioned before, about helping to calibrate the frequency for the next major wave so that the optimum "bandwidth" can be delivered. If you feel the inner guidance to just lie down and receive, please honour it and do so. Never underestimate the individual's role, no matter how small it may seem.

Distractions...then Synchronicity
Then today, I woke up to a morning full of distractions. After a while, I recognised the pattern...little things that get in the way of me moving along with my own plans. I notice that this sometimes happens to me just before something major, like with the "Free the Colonies" meditation. Thankfully, instead of allowing myself to drown in the series of distractions, I remembered to issue a "Get out of me and my space, now and forever" command, repeatedly. Of course, I prefixed that with "By the power of god that I am", thanks to Judy Satori's guidance. Things settled down considerably after that.

When I later got into my car to run some errands, I started the engine and glanced at the clock. It showed 12:12, with two 3s and three 8s on the odometer. After I got to my destination and parked, I looked at my clock again, and it showed 12:44. Numerical synchronicity is important to me, because it shows me that I'm on the right track. After this second time-synchronicity, I felt assured that my feather incidents were not merely me making things up :)

Let's get ready in our own way for this next big cycle. As I've said before, we prepare for it in our own way, there is no "one way" for all. Each of us needs to prepare in the way our True Self is aligned with. For me, I work best with energies, and that's how I best understand many things. Do what feels the most aligned for you.

I will also repeat that the time for us to create Spiritual Magic is well and truly here. Even a determined intention coming from the Heart-space is Spiritual Magic at work. Never under-estimate the power of your own creator abilities!



  1. I always love your personal posts, Grace! It's so nice to hear what others are experiencing and seeing as we proceed through these amazing times.

    I've been seeing an incredible (and increasing) number of numeric synchronicities lately myself! I was watching a 2 1/2 hour long video yesterday and, when I bumped my mouse, the cursor settled on the fast-forward bar at the bottom of the screen. The "time" balloon popped up...it was 1:11. I'm ALWAYS looking up at the clock, the CD player, or phone to see 1:11, 11:11, 12:12, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 12:34, etc. I mentioned it to my son and wife a few weeks back and they've been noticing the same thing too...we always have a big laugh over it and I have to remind them what it means (about being on track).

    I've also been experiencing the feather thing. In fact, the other day I was having some difficulty finding something and I asked my Grandmother (who is on "the other side") for a little help in the form of a "sign". About two steps later, I looked down and found a hawk feather. I had already walked over the area a few minutes before and I'm almost certain it wasn't there. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful feathers like that and surely would have seen it.

    I told my son about my request and discovery of the feather...he just laughed and said he thought it was neat, but "creepy". LOL. Then two minutes later, he found his own feather! The really funny and amazing thing was that later, after I had eventually found what I was looking for with some difficulty, we laughed about the whole thing. I made the offhand comment that I probably would have found what I was looking for if I had paid more attention to the orientation of the feather (which way it was pointing), I probably would have found what I was looking for much sooner...that the darned thing had probably been pointing right at it. He gave me a funny look, then told me that he distinctly remembered which way his feather was pointing--and it WAS pointing right at our target!

    We are experiencing fascinating times indeed...and I'm so glad we're able to share our experiences with one another. It's amazing how many surprising little confirmations and synchronicities we see when our eyes and minds are open to them!

    With Much Love,


    1. Thank you, Stargazer! And I so enjoyed reading your own experience with numbers and the feather, as well as your son's :) I had a huge grin all the way through! I find it very interesting that your Grandmother chose a feather to communicate with you ;) She's definitely tuned into what's unfolding here with us!!

      Umm...I *assume* you'll be sharing this incident on your blog....? :)

      Many Blessings <3

  2. TY for sharing reminds me of the feather in the movie Forest Gump.

    1. You are most welcome, McCroft :) I hadn't even thought of that until you mentioned it, thank you for reminding me! Forrest Gump certainly had many hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems :)

  3. Beautiful creations, these life stories woven around synchronicities. Let the joy flow!

    1. Thank you, Robin...Joy...Love expressed :)