21 June 2015

Planetary Liberation Meditation and Cern Ceremony For Light

Elspeth McLean
Time once again to do our bit and take part in the meditation :)  Being the Solstice as well, I believe our efforts will be greatly intensified. I'll keep this one short...please go here for more details:
At the same time, Untwine is performing his gridwork for Cern on the 21st of June as well. He has invited participation from anyone who is guided to join. Here is his message:
 The gridwork project I mentioned in the previous interview is on-going. We will be present physically near the Cern on the 21st of june to do a ceremony for the Light. You are all invited to send violet flame to that location on that day, throughout the day, as many times as you like.
Those who would like to participate physically can email me at untwine1@yahoo.com. 
Participation is free of charge.

Untwine's message appears here:

Let's get to work, dear Light Family! 

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