14 June 2015

Planetary Liberation Meditation

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Wow....time again for the meditation. I think we're just down to a 12-hour day or something, and getting even shorter. And these energies...But you know what? BRING IT ON!! We're READY, and as Jodie Foster's "Ellie" would say, we're good to go.

Allow me to ramble on a bit before I reproduce the usual things for the meditation.

I know I speak for many when I say that we increasingly feel that this "reality" cannot go on for much longer. We know that it must come to a conclusive end, very soon. And we can feel that end approaching as it is clear that the lower densities are already disintegrating. We find that we can barely bear being in a 3D-type situation as every fibre of our Self tells us that it is no longer sustainable. We also increasingly see the insanity of a world that is running on deceptive programs. Most of all, we have an intense knowingness that all this must end.

We have been told by so many sources that the lower density construct is being dismantled, but actually feeling and seeing it falling apart is quite another thing altogether.

All the more now we need to focus on the manifestation of our new authentic reality. As Creator Beings of Light, we can do this by first creating our vision of it and forming it in the etheric realms before physical manifestation. We can do this, as a unified collective force, in the meditation! Let's accelerate the birth of this world that we've been yearning for so much for so long, let's do it in the meditation!

And as encouragement, here's Cobra's recent coded update for the RM, I'll just borrow it for this purpose (I can't help but think the CH is for Chimera...):

CHL1ZOO clear, CHL0ZOO clearing in progress, PB clearing initialized

 **Update: Latest status...CHL0ZOO Cleared...

So much effort is being made by all these Beings, we can do our part now!


For more details of the meditation, please go to Prepare For Change.

My personal suggestions follow (please listen to your own Inner Guidance):

Please join this meditation and add your beautiful Light to this global effort. I'm going to "encourage" you with the following suggestions, if you feel reluctant because of the time, or the guided steps that go with it. I hope I don't offend anyone or make a mess of anything, but I feel that it's better to join in some way rather than not at all.

  • Meditate at a time that suits you. If possible, do it as close as possible to this set time. Set and state the intention (you can do this silently or aloud) that you are adding your energies to the global group at the precise time they are doing this.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with the instructions for the meditation, then just meditate in your usual manner. As long as you do it and add in your energies.
  • Proclaim or declare your intention to magnify your effort. For example, you could say, "As a Divine and Sovereign Creator Being, I now intensify my meditation for the highest good." Or whatever it is you feel guided to do. (I actually said, "...by a thousand-fold...)

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