07 June 2015

Proxy Proclamation

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I've deliberated over this post for such a long time, and I've just decided to go ahead with it. It's not without concern that I do this, because in no way do I wish to hinder my own spiritual progress nor those of anyone else's by impinging on their Free Will. Additionally, I have no intention of jeopardising any positive efforts in the on-going liberation process by all the Beings, whether terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or intra-terrestrial.

Here's where I'm coming from....

At this point in time, all of us would have already proclaimed our Sovereignty and own our Divine Creator rights. There are several versions of varying decrees on the Internet, all freely available. The one by Mary-Jane Banks resonated with me the most, and that's the one I use (also featured "permanently" on my blog's right-panel, scroll down a bit).

So this is great for us, who are aware of the absoute and paramount importance of making this proclamation. But what about the rest of the population, who still form the large majority?

This question has been haunting me for more than a month now. Recent discussions that I've had with several people have only served to convince me that for many, waking up from the nightmare and unplugging from the Matrix are truly near-impossible. I sometimes "see" their Souls as being all tied up with etheric cords, and they are practically functioning from very limited conditioned parameters.

But all this we already know. The thing that bugs me is....how else can we help? What can we do to provide them with assistance so that they can be free from those etheric cords?

Perhaps proxy proclamations?

This is my reasoning. The modus operandi is Free Will. Hijacked and distorted yes, but Free Will nevertheless. That means that on some level, we have agreed to this as a Collective Consciousness. And the "rule" is that they have to openly "state" their intentions in some way, and we have to agree on some level, before they proceed. Whether they do this by trickery, dressing their intention in plain sight, using sublimal or other devious means...their intention gets "advertised". Then we agree.

Silence gives Consent..."Qui tacet consentit".

This is the maxim that has greatly benefitted them. They have been ruling Humanity on the perverted justification that since we say or do nothing against their "advertisements", it therefore implies consent, even if Humanity is totally unaware. They put it "out there" and depend on the time-tested silence of Humanity.

I'm thinking I can do that, too. I can "put it out there" and depend on the time-tested silence of Humanity to imply consent. And that is what I'm going to do, right now.

I'm going to be renewing my Soul Revocation decree, and at the end of it, I'm going to say out loud, and "put it out there", for any Soul to align with it, without violating Free Will:

By the power of god that I Am,
and as a Sovereign and Creator Being,
I proclaim this on behalf of any Soul
who chooses to energetically align with this decree.
And So It Is, And So It Is, And So It Is.

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