04 June 2015

Rebirth and Transformation is Our Reality ~ Map and Codes of Powerful Waves of Self-Discovery ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 2 June 2015

Source: Absolute Radiance

Last night as I tuned in to my inner self, I wanted to manifest a symbol for the plasmic shield. The intention was to strengthen it and make it more impermeable and programmable to our highest best. Instead I was surprised to get a download that opened the download I received in Maui.

The download was about change, transformation and rebirth or being born anew! I am including the recording of the powerful message I received while seating at the beach waiting for the sunset. Out of all the places on this planet I had to go seat next to a bug that was shedding its old shell and was being born anew and at the same time it was already attached and mating to another bug that was dark in color. The way they moved reminded me of balance and harmony and also of strength and new direction. The download was subtle yet left me thinking and with feelings of awe.

There has been so much talk of ascension, and major events that include disclosure and so on. It is all getting nearer and nearer and to a boiling point. We will have the disclosure we wish for but in a completely different and surprising form.

There’s also much talk about earthquakes and predictions of, and also of major events and gateways. While we were all distracted with all those events behind  the divine and galactic scenes we had and unfathomable event taking place. While we were distracted by light and councils of light, Source itself descended closer to us in a way that will revolutionize spirituality.

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