22 June 2015

Remembering Who We Truly Are ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 21 June 2015

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha LOVE,
Ascension is the purification of our entire BEing here. All of our aspects merging as one, in the physical dimension. This is an entire "life" process, where what would have been an "after-life" merges in this one here. It's where we bring all of our existences together, no more separation, no more individual selves, no more other times.  No more "other moment" outside of this one right here. All timelines collapse, all separation unifies as you do, back into (the) Light.
Prophecies now a physical reality, yet how they affect us is totally different when transformed into Light. The old fear-based belief systems now free us, for Ascension is the Light Version of all of those old perceptions, visions and truths.
Each physical dimension will experience a completely different reality. Each just a consciousness that connects to a gridwork "out there" (collective), yet that which holds it in place is inside each's own physical body and energy field.
There is a physical reality for each gridwork of consciousness/dimension. If you desire a different physical reality, you must expand your consciousness beyond the current limiting one to one with less/no limits imposed.
Ascension is a journey of waking up (Awakening) and coming into Consciousness by become conscious again. Again, because we are returning to who we truly are, our core existence as love, as light, as masters, as multi-dimensional beings, embodied in physical form. 
Becoming a Multi-Dimensional Master again, means consciously choosing the dimension you COME FROM, in every moment.  As you continue to do this, all moments become one. No more separation, all merges into this one right here. One continuous moment that just flows into the next. 

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